Tips for a Fun Caravanning Road Trip

November 19, 2018

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In a world where air travel is easier, cheaper and more readily available than it’s ever been before, caravanning is becoming increasingly popular. You can book flights to almost anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home. You can fly without drama, at a relatively cheap cost, whenever you want. Yet more people are shunning big holidays abroad in favor of exploring their home country. There are of course many reasons for this, including economic and political unrest all over the world, but in a way, it’s great.

There’s so much to see much closer to home. For a long time, we’ve been doing all that we can to get away, to leave our country and see more of the world. But, why? There are so many things to see and sights to enjoy in our own country. Buying a caravan gives you a great way to see more, while having a great adventure, being surrounded by your home comforts and having a great time with your family.

That said, when we first buy a caravan, we tend to stick to relatively short trips. Whether your caravan has its own drive, or you pull it along with your car, you might worry about taking a longer journey. A road trip in your caravan, however, can be perfect. It’s cheap, it’s comfortable, having your own caravan means that you are free to be spontaneous and that you don’t need to be tied to a schedule. It’s a fantastic adventure and a great way to spend more time with your family. Here are some tips to help you to have the most fun you can on your caravanning road trip.
Stay Safe and Drive Carefully
Driving while towing a caravan, or driving a large RV, isn’t the same as driving a small family car. Derrick Law Firm is involved in many caravan accident claims. But, it doesn’t need to be dangerous as long as you are careful.

The first thing that you need to do is check that you have the relevant license to tow a large vehicle, and that your insurance covers you for both your car and your caravan while you are towing.

Then, take the time to practice before you set off on your trip. You can expect your caravan to sway slightly as you drive, you’ll need more space to brake and to corner, and much more space if you want to overtake. It can be worth taking a few short drives to give you a chance to get more comfortable behind the wheel, but also spend some time practicing manoeuvres like parking and reversing.

Then, stay safe. When you head off on your road trip, make sure everything is secured correctly. When you are driving, take your time. Don’t worry about annoying other road users, just do what you need to do to stay safe while towing.

Pack Well
When you stay in a hotel, things are provided. If you are traveling and sleeping in your caravan, you’ll need to take everything. Make sure you’ve got spare blankets, pillows, essential supplies, games for entertainment, a first aid kit and chargers for all of your devices.

If you caravan often, it’s a good idea to buy extras so that you can leave things in your rig. Then you are ready to go whenever the mood takes you.

Write a Park Up Checklist
When you park up, there are certain things that you need to do, and it’s worth making a checklist to simplify your job. You’ll have to check in and find your spot, connect you the electric, unhook your car and secure it, find the toilets and showers if you need to, hook up your awning and set up any outdoor furniture. Your list won’t be the same as everyone else’s, and you’ll probably find that you add things as you go, to make next time easier.

Speak to People
One of the best things about taking a caravan holiday is the community. When you park up at a site, you are surrounded by fellow travelers. Many of them will be keen to speak to you and to offer you advice. Whether you make firm friends or just enjoy a passing hello is up to you, but it’s worth opening yourself up to the idea of getting to know people.

Take Some Time Out
If you are heading off on a long road trip with your family, you will probably be spending more time together without distraction than you are used to. In a much smaller space than you are used to. Arguments and tension are to be expected. Take some time out on your own when you need it, and don’t be offended when they do the same.

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