The Funky US Cities and States That Need To Be On Your List

October 19, 2018

If you’re going to go to all of the effort of travelling to America, you might as well go to some of the funkiest states there are. We will admit, every part of America has something unique to offer, no matter how unique or normal is may be. But, there are some states that just go the extra mile with the funk factor, and some of them aren’t on people’s hit lists usually! Which surprises us, because a trip to America for some is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one that should be made as funky as possible for sure. So, if you know you’re planning a trip to the US pretty soon, go ahead and have a look at these funky states, and see if you could see yourself spending a bit of time in them. Hint, you really should do!
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New Orleans
New Orleans is a great place to go. It’s home to some of the best jazz bars in the world, and if you’re looking for somewhere with the best atmosphere in the world, then New Orleans is the place for you. It still has a sense of that old age jazz era to it, but with big splashes of the modern world. You can get a hotel near the French Quarter in New Orleans for a really good price, which puts you right in the heart of all that funk you might be looking for. The nightlife in the French Quarter is amazing, so much sure you go out after dark as well! Bourbon street is also really famous, so make sure you take a stroll down there! If you want to see something unique, you should head to Jackson Square to see some of the best art and artists the world has to offer!

You’ll probably associate Florida with the world famous theme parks, and the world famous city, Miami. Which you absolutely should do. We think that one of the reasons why Florida is a funky state to visit is because they seem to do everything so extra. The theme parks, the nightlife in Miami, and the food that you’ll be able to eat will blow your mind. Disney is obviously a big hit, and no matter how old you are we would definitely recommend you taking a visit. In Miami, the beaches and the bars are what it is all about, and we guarantee you’ll have one of the best nights of your life if you head out there!

Texas is all about BBQ, animal events, and hospitality. You might be against this, but horse shows and bull shows are big in Texas, and if you aren’t against it we would definitely recommend you taking a look at one of these. BBQ food is their forte as well, so make sure that you head to one of the locally owned restaurants for a culinary treat, rather than going to one of the chain restaurants. The locals always know how to do it best, and you’ll often find the price is a lot better!

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