Smart Ways to Grow Your Career in Stem

October 23, 2018

A career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) isn't always easy for women. There can be barriers to working in these industries from when you're a child, and many girls can feel discouraged from taking up a STEM career. But if you've decided that one of the areas under the STEM umbrella is right for you, developing your career is your next step. Perhaps you already have a related degree or you're thinking about a career change and how you can get into STEM from your current position. Take a look at these tips on how you can develop your STEM career.

Explore STEM Career Options
You might want to start by thinking about what direction you would like to take your STEM career in. There are several routes you could consider, from academia and teaching to research and more direct applications of your skills and knowledge. Do you want to work out in the field, in an office or perhaps in a lab? What sort of skills do you want to use and how do you want to contribute to your area of work? If you're not sure, you can explore your career options online or speak to a careers advisor.
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Gain Qualifications
STEM fields are difficult to work in without the right qualifications. While there are many careers when you can start without much education and work your way up, that's usually not the case in the sciences. The right qualifications can get you far, but they could range from diplomas to doctorates. Studying online can be a good way for you to grow your career, especially for qualifications when you don't need to be too hands-on. An online electrical engineering degree could get you far in your chosen career. Whether you're starting a new career or changing to a new one, the right qualifications are essential.

Make the Right Contacts
Knowing the right people can be important in any career. If you're trying to build a STEM career, it could help you with work experience, research opportunities and finding jobs. There are many ways you might make contacts, both in places of learning and out in the wider world. Many people meet others at conferences and other events, which can be excellent places for networking. The contacts you make could help you develop your career and go further than you would without them.

Develop Leadership Skills
Leadership skills are excellent to have if you want to develop your STEM career. Not everyone might want to work in management or leadership positions but if you do, there are many useful skills that you will find useful. If you want to become a leader in a STEM area, you might look for mentoring, training or opportunities that allow you to take charge and learn something new. Keep looking out for chances to build your leadership skills if you're interested in being a STEM leader.

Grow a career in STEM and you could have a job you enjoy and maybe make a big difference to the world too.

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