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August 30, 2018

If there is one area that a majority of Lymies struggle with it is with the issue of sleep. Despite how tired our bodies are from fighting this disease they often don’t give us the proper rest that we need. When I was extremely sick and dealing with Lyme this was one of the first areas of getting better that my medical team addressed. Their tips and hundreds of patient tips helped me start to get the sleep that my body so desperately needed. Here are just a few ideas that may help in your quest for a good nights sleep:

1)      Create a dark Cave. For me light would be a distraction so it was helpful to have a room that had no lights. Unfortunately our neighbors at one point used to love their BIG spotlights that illuminated our yard and my room. For this reason we discovered heavy (dark light lined/blackout) curtains that covered the shades in my room. This was a huge help!

2)     Eye Covers. There are so many different ones that are out there so try different ones until you find something that you like.

3)     Mattress. A great mattress is so important. Invest in the most quality one that you can.

4)     Soft Sheets. Soft sheets and soft blankets are extremely important. You want to feel cozy and comfortable.

5)     Pillows. Pillows are a true key to getting good sleep. At one point I had nine pillows on my bed- hahaha! My best advice is to search for pillows that are good for you and work for your body and then invest in them.

6)     Disconnect. Work to turn off all of your media at least an hour before you head to bed. Try to leave what you can outside of your bedroom and work to disconnect from the rest of the world at nighttime. Instead of scrolling on your phone; try reading, meditating, praying or just enjoying the quiet moments as you wind down for bed.

7)     Keep Necessities Close By. Keep a basket of necessities close by to have on hand if you need them so you don’t have to get up to get anything. This will allow your body to stay at rest and not interrupt things.

8)    Heating Pad. I have a heating pad that I really like that I keep stored in the basket next to me. On the nights where my muscles were really tight or sore I could just lean over and use this heating pad. 

9)     Relaxing Soak. In addition to detox baths, taking a relaxing bath can be incredibly helpful and relaxing to start your night off. Add in the magnesium salts and your choice of essential oils to help you fully relax.

10) Pajamas. Even if you are in a stage where you are mostly wearing your pajamas all day long, take the time to change into a separate set of clothing to sleep. This simple routine will remind you that you are not just a sick patient, but a normal human.

11)  Fans. Invest in a high quality fan that will block out all noise. I have found that using an industrial fan can be extremely helpful in blocking out even the neighbors noises. If a fan is too loud for you with sensitive sound, then choose a white noise that is consistent and works for you.

12) Sleeping Aides. For some Lymies, natural ideas may not be enough help at this stage of your journey. At this point you will want to consult with your doctor for help with this. Consult with them even for natural and herbal alternatives that may help with your insomnia.

13) Temperatures. Make sure your room temperature is set at a good place for you to be able to sleep restfully.

14) Set the Mood. In the early evening I go into my bedroom and turn off my lights and turn on a small lap beside my bed. When I am ready for bed I enter a room that is soft with a warm and welcoming glow which sets the mood for peaceful sleep.

15)  Candles. Similar to number 14, some people light candles in the early evening in their bedroom.

16) Say goodbye to work at the door. I admit that when I was teaching I struggled with this one as I would bring in just “one more essay” into my room to finish before I fell asleep. This continued into my health journey as I would consider working on "just one more chapter" for a book. I learned quickly this is not very restful. Keep your bedroom as your sanctuary and leave work at the door.

17)  Avoid Eating. So many people eat right before they go to bed which wakes up your metabolism. Avoid eating at least an hour before bedtime, which will help your body rest well.

18) Separate Sheets. If you are really struggling with sleep and your partner is stealing those sheets every night, consider getting two king sheets to use on your bed – one for each of you. This will reduce the sheet wars at night and help you fully relax.

19) Separate Beds. I know that for some people in their journey with Lyme there has been times where having a separate bed from their partner becomes necessary. Try to be creative in keeping your beds in the same room to stay connected, but if sleep is truly an issue than consider this as a temporary suggestion.

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