Twenty History Lane: Book of the Month (August 2018) - Audacity

August 6, 2018

If you are joining in on the book of the month with Twenty History Lane (and I hope you will!) then for August we are reading Audacity, by Melanie Crowder. 

Published in 2016, Audacity tells the inspiring story of Clara Lemlich, a young woman who emigrated from Russia to New York at the turn of the 20th century and whose fight for equal rights led to the largest strike by women in American history. Here is the synopsis from the back cover:

"A gorgeously told novel in verse written with intimacy and power, Audacity is inspired by the real-life story of Clara Lemlich, a spirited young woman who emigrated from Russia to New York at the turn of the twentieth century and fought tenaciously for equal rights. Bucking the norms of both her traditional Jewish family and societal conventions, Clara refuses to accept substandard working conditions in the factories on Manhattan's Lower East Side. For years, Clara devotes herself to the labor fight, speaking up for those who suffer in silence. In time, Clara convinces the women in the factories to strike, organize, and unionize, culminating in the famous Uprising of the 20,000. Powerful, breathtaking, and inspiring, Audacity is the story of a remarkable young woman, whose passion and selfless devotion to her cause changed the world."

If you are joining in and reading Audacity this month and purchase a copy please email Twenty History Lane with proof of purchase. TWL is also committed to giving back to the community through The Novel Garden. Each month there will be a book of the month to read that will coincide with the time frame + focus that is being highlighted. If you choose to purchase the book TWL will match book-for-book purchased and donate the books to local children's hospitals, shelters, libraries, + group homes. All you need to do is send us an email to: with a confirmation of receipt of payment!

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