Travel Talk: How To Explore Any Area On Foot

August 16, 2018

When it comes to travelling, naturally you want to get as much out of your trip as possible, which is why you most probably always plan your itinerary out before you jet off so that you can fit everything in. An increasingly popular way to see new areas is on foot, rather than via public transport, because many travellers believe not only is it cheaper but also safer.

If you have a trip planned soon and are considering getting behind the ‘travelling on foot’ trend, then you might want to consider having a read of the tips and advice below. Travelling around new areas on foot can be an amazing way to explore, but it’s vital that you are clued up about how to do so safely.
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Don’t go alone
It’s best that you never explore a new place alone. If you want to walk around an area that you are staying in and see what the area has to offer, it’s a good idea to buddy up with someone and explore together. The fact is that unless you know the area, you have no idea where you should and shouldn’t go, you don’t know where it’s safe to explore and where it isn’t, and for this reason, traveling in twos or larger groups is an excellent way to stay safe when seeing new places.

Take a map
Whether you are only planning on heading off on a short walk or not, always make sure to pack a map and a compass too. That way, should you end up wandering off the beaten track or going further than you expected, you should be able to find your way back to where you are based. If you plan on exploring an area on foot and don’t know how to map read, it’s a good idea to learn beforehand.

Wear comfortable shoes
If you are going to enjoy exploring new places on foot, it’s crucial that you wear the right footwear. What you don’t want is to be walking along in flip-flops, getting sore, blistered feet. That’s why it is essential that you invest in a good quality pair of shoes for walking in, such as Biopods, for instance. Make sure that any shoes you buy, you wear in before you start exploring so that you can ensure that they are comfortable enough for you when walking a long distance.

Be prepared
It’s essential that you always take a backpack with you when you are exploring and that you are always prepared for anything. In your backpack have a first aid kit, a torch, a jumper, spare socks, water, snacks, and anything else that you think you could possibly need while exploring - the idea is to be prepared for anything.

Travelling on foot can be a great way to look around a new town or city, but it’s essential that you are properly prepared to do so. Hopefully, the guide above has given you all of the information that you need to make exploring any area on foot fun, enjoyable and safe.

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