home from alaska

August 3, 2018

I arrived back home after a LONG 24 hours of traveling (with a brief stop in San Francisco to see my main medical team) late last night (well very early this morning). These past 10 days have been a whirlwind adventure of covering countless miles (by plane and car), seeing and falling in love with a small part of Aaska and seeing tons of beautiful and AMAZING places that are in this world, meeting incredible people, and spending the days adventuring. To have dreamt about a trip like this when I was extremely sick and to see it come to fruition at this stage of healing has been a gift that has left me speechless. What an absolutely amazing adventure of a lifetime! I shared a bit more on instagram about some of my initial thoughts on this amazing trip...

Oh Alaska... you have stolen part of my heart. I cried as I left the mountains on Tuesday and had tears as I boarded my flight on Wednesday evening. The overwhelming beauty, the blessings of seeing so many healing milestones to do so many things I enjoy (including hiking!!), and the adventures from the last 9 days have been a treasured gift.

I marveled a couple of months ago at the timing of this trip which has been uniquely scripted and it has not been an accident This time has been an encouragement to me in deep ways as this fall will bring a plethora of big and little changes. 

On Wednesday evening (before my flight) I spent one last time at the coastal trail and as I observed some dark clouds with light breaking through I was reminded of Exodus 20 which talks about Moses going into the deep darkness because God was there. Many times change and the unknowns before us can seem like "deep darkness" but what a gift to know that as we go into the deep THAT is where God is.

To all of my blog sponsors and writing collaborations who made this trip possible - I am so incredibly grateful. This place on earth is a "never land" (as I affectionately refer to it- *smiles* ) that I already can't wait to return to. I am leaving so inspired, so encouraged, and peaceful and hopeful about the future. Alaska, I can't wait to see you again soon, I am leaving part of my heart with you.

Thank you friends for your love and joy in sharing this experience and time with me and all of your sweet comments on social media. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Can't wait to read up on what you did!

    1. Lisa,

      Thank you! That is so sweet! I definitely LOVED my time in Alaska and have just started to share about it here on the blog. You can find all of the posts about Alaska here:

      Thank you again for your sweet comment! I hope you have a wonderful day!
      Blessings, Rebecca :)