Bored of the Beach? Three Different Vacation Ideas to Consider!

August 15, 2018

The beach is wonderful; there’s nothing wrong with lying on the sand in front of turquoise waters, listening to palm trees rustle with a cold cocktail in your hand. However, it’s not for everyone. Maybe you’re not much of a sun worshipper or perhaps you like to be up and doing things while you’re away. You might just be fed up of the same kind of vacation each year and be looking to do something different. If so, here are three different directions you could go in for a more unique getaway!

Go boating
There’s nothing quite like being out on the water. If you’re a fan of boating, sailing or just want to do something relaxing that doesn’t involve lying on the beach then why not rent a boat? If canal boating is your kind of thing, you could hire a barge- Europe especially is home to many so there are plenty of choices. How about an exciting river cruise, some of the world’s biggest rivers from the Danube to the Amazon offer this. You could go to your favorite tropical destination and hire a yacht, you could throw a party or just relax depending on the type of break you’re after! There are all kinds of boats on all different waterways to choose from, decide on where you’d most like to visit and go from there. The scenery, weather and overall vibe of the trip will vary massively depending on where you choose.
Go backpacking
If you’re an active person that loves getting out and doing things, why not go backpacking? It will cost you much less money than staying in fancy hotels- you can go camping and stay in travel hostels and motels. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know a destination beyond its tourism, as well as meet like minded people. Backpacking can actually be a great choice if you don't have anyone to travel with too. There are lots of companies that offer tours for backpackers to join, these are ideal if you’re new to backpacking as your route will be planned out and you’ll be with guides who know where they’re going. Otherwise, you could roundup some like minded friends or convince your partner to join you on an epic backpacking adventure where you could create your own routes. And what is a backpacking adventure without comfortable chairs? Every hiker knows how important this is to your adventure but if you don't know how to pick one out you want to consult an expert. Check out this list of the 10 Best Backpacking Chairs that Globo Surf created by clicking HERE!

Go on a foodie holiday
One of the best things about going to a new place is trying the food. If you’re open minded and always up for trying the grub when you go to a new place then how about going on a trip that’s dedicated to deliciousness? You could go on a culinary tour or visit a destination that’s all about it’s food and drink. Take Mornington Peninsula an hour from Melbourne in Australia, this is an impressive foodie scene which attracts people from all over the world with its gardens, farmers markets, artisan food producers, winemakers and much more.

Have you ever been on a getaway like this? Are you bored of the beach, and would you consider a different kind of vacation?

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