Muggy Air And Pesky Mosquitos Of Summer Caravan Holidays

August 3, 2018

Is there anything in this life better than a summer holiday? The sun is shining and the bees are buzzing. Every now and then you get hit with a cool breeze while sitting in the shade, enjoying an iced tea. The kids are laughing and playing together, and you have some great barbeque to look forward to just as the sun dips behind the horizon. Caravaning is a type of freedom that you can’t really get in any other type of holiday. Those who haven’t tried it will explain it as lugging around a mobile home. It's much more than that. You have home comforts with you, away from home. You’re never unable to make a home cooked meal, and since previsions are made for the caravaners, you get great parking spots in specific locations. More than likely you’ll get a view that no hotel room can give you unless you spend a lot of money. It's the bang for buck champion of holidays. However, it's not all fun and games and summer caravaning holidays, bring up their own issues.  
 They just won’t quit 
 Bugs and more bugs will be attracted to your caravan or where you’re sitting and eating. The standard equipment you’ll have with you is a night light, such as lamps or modern LED bulbs that can fit in a lantern. With these you use to light up the place so you can eat outside or just have a cold beer and relax. Mosquitos and moths join the party uninvited. Bug spray can help but in the summer air where it's very humid, bug spray tends to fade away and evaporate off surfaces. You can buy bug swatters such as this electronic bug zapper racket that you wield in your hands. Lightweight and powered by two AA batteries, it's a sustainable way to get rid of bugs that won’t leave you alone. Other pests like rats will often come along during the night to eat up any scraps left on the floor. You definitely don’t want them around your children, so you can also buy botanical rat repellent.
 Muggy and murky 
 Only in parts where there aren’t any bugs would you want to sleep outside. During the summer you’d be hard pressed to find an area of the world that isn’t teeming with insects flying all over the place. So you might want to sleep inside the caravan and not get bitten all night long. But, it's hot and humid, which causes the air to be muggy. Eventually, if a family is inside during the night, the air becomes murky, filled with each other’s breath and carbon dioxide. This makes you want fresh air, but the bugs are outside, so what do you do? A portable air conditioner sucks in the muggy air, and throws it out the other end. Perfect to put on a table that has a window right by it. You may be sleeping indoors but the air can be clean and cool all night long. The main thing you’ll be combating when cooking and eating food outside, are the bugs that want a piece of your holiday. A zapper that is cheap to power and handheld, makes short work of any pesky mosquito. If the heat does get unbearable, you should be able to sleep inside your caravan and enjoy a nice air flow with a portable HVAC.

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