The Rancher's Surprise Daughter Book

August 22, 2018

Happy Wednesday y'all! So back at the beginning of April (where is this year going?!?) I shared with y'all about my friend Jill's book, Her Texas Cowboy, that was releasing that month and today I am so excited to share with y'all about her newest release- The Rancher's Surprise Daughter (you can find it HERE!)

As a bit of background before I share more about her newest book, Jill is the author of one of my favorite books,"just show up" with the late Kara Tippetts . If you haven't read it, that book is filled with truth for walking with someone through suffering and is gently beautiful. I actually just pulled out my well-worn and dog-eared book to start reading again as I am so inspired by it. ANYWAYS... 

 I then discovered that Jill wrote these incredibly tender love stories and have enjoyed each one. This new one, I may have even enjoyed more than the last one (I am biting my lip as I write that because I loved both- hahaha!) 

The Rancher's Surprise Daughter  tells the story of Luc and Cate who are re-connected when Cate shows up at Luc's Colorado guest ranch and introduces him to his three-year-old daughter. I think one of the things that was my favorite about this book (and I don't want to give to much away if you haven't read it yet!) was the character development of two flawed people learning to trust and love each other in a unique and unconditional way. I walked away personally encouraged and enjoyed how it is so sweetly written! 

Go pick up a copy y'all or purchase it HERE!  You will love it! Congratulations Jill! You are so talented!! I can't wait to read your next one!! 

And friends! Guess what?!? Jill is going to be sharing on the blog here on FRIDAY! I can't wait!! So come back and connect directly with her on Friday!! 

**picture is the property of Jill- not of Caravan Sonnet**

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