the june fifteen

June 15, 2013

I have loved reading posts by other bloggers that share random personal things about them. To me the ones that have done this make their blogs that much more friendly. I was inspired so last February I started to share fifteen random facts about me and life on the fifteenth of every month. For July fifteenth I am happy to answer questions if there is anything that you would like to know! Just feel free to email me!

1. Some of you have asked how tall I am- 6'2 or 6'3 depending on which doctors office that I am being measured at. *smiles*

2. Somebody asked what my favorite post was from this past month. It would be the one from yesterday. The views over the bay were breathtaking. Absolutely gorgeous!{I made one of the pictures my facebook cover!} It reinforced my thoughts that I expressed about the Lord bringing hope in the night

3. Someone asked what was my favorite link up that I have been apart of? That is really difficult to choose from because there are so many that exist where you can meet and connect with lovely people in bloggy world. I probably am most partial to the petites link up that I started this past month! If you didn't join up with us in May please do on June 24th! I was so delighted to connect with so many other ladies whom I now consider good friends!

4. Yes, it is true. Caravan Sonnet now offers sponsorships

5. My health is holding stable. I will be having an updated post about my health next week but I so appreciate your prayers and ALL of your support. 

6. I do still covet prayers for not only my health but also finances still. Treatments, medications, supplements, and day to day needs continue to be a large financial stretch and so I do continue to appreciate prayer and your support for that need! 

7. It is hard to believe that back in February I wrote a post about how excited I was for Kristen's wedding! I had absolutely no idea that my health would continue to decline as rapidly as it did and that I would need to go out to Whitaker for treatment. Due to that the financial resources to go to the wedding were used up and I had been praying my little heart out for a miracle. Imagine my humbleness when the Lord answered that prayer by Kristen's parents giving me a plane ticket and several other people stepping up with other resources. I was overwhelmed by the love and have cried out of gratefulness several times. Thank you so much to the Visy family. I am counting the days till I celebrate with you! {maybe I will even wear this dress... hahaha}

8. Some of you have kindly asked about the book I am writing. I am working on a book that discusses faith during times of crisis and the way that the Lord is ever-present in our lives. My hope is to be finished by the end of June to start the next steps of getting it published! I am truly excited to embark on this new adventure and season! 

9. Somebody asked if I (as a former teacher) have "friended" students on facebook or other social media. This is a great question! I had a policy when I was teaching that any student that turned 18 (who was a female and in my senior girls Bible class) could "friend" me while they were still students.  Any other student would have to "friend" me after we graduated or after I had left the school. I do not "friend" any student- if they want to "friend" me they are welcome to. The same goes for other social media avenues... {looking at this picture makes my little heart miss teaching SOO much...}

10.  I am trying to go back and thank all of my teachers that I have had in the past as I know that it always makes my day when I hear from former students! 

11. I was surprised when someone asked what I feed Scamper. *smiles* He is happy with Purina Cat Chow. To be frank I know that there are better things on the market for him, but this is all that he will eat and it makes him very happy. 

12. Someone asked why I call my grandmother "Ba". {Honestly, I am still looking for where I referenced that on the blog?? It still makes me feel a little weird that I can't find it... hahaha but...} When I was younger I used to call my grandfather "Pa" and my grandmother "Ba". No one really knows why but it has stuck and my entire family does call her that to this day and I love it. And her. *smiles*

13. The Paper Sonnet is up and running again and I will be adding more things to the shop in the next couple of days! Please check back soon!

14. The story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea has become one of my favorite stories in the Bible as of late. What a beautiful example of the Lord working miracles during "the long detours". 

15. I am so thankful for ALL of my lovely readers and ALL of the comments that y'all make that truly encourage my heart everyday! I am truly a blessed blessed girl in bloggy world! Thank you so much for all of your love and encouragement! 

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