Where I blog from

June 12, 2013

While some bloggers have certain places that they blog from regularly I truly vary in my places that I write from. Most of the time in the past several months I have blogged from my bed since I have been ill, but I also would sometimes blog from the living room couch. Out in California I would blog from a comfy chair in the hotel room that looked out onto the pool and the airport. Here in New York I have blogged from a variety of places in the camps and love blogging from our porch!

I have to say that in all of these situations the common theme is the ability to see the outdoors and to be inspired by nature. In that way I am truly inspired by my surroundings. And my favorite place to blog from is here in New York at camp. To give you a picture of what I look at I am going to share just a few pictures  of my view from the porch. 

{Disclaimer: These pictures are from past summers as this summer has only graced us with very wet and rainy days so far!}
Where do y'all blog from? Do you draw inspiration from your space? Have you done anything to enhance the inspiration that you feel?


  1. Oh I love the idea of this! I am usually blogging from my living room while my son, Judah {8 months} plays...doesn't sound exciting, but it's a beautiful room with TONS of natural light and looks into my little garden! I should do this post soon with pics!

    GREAT pics by the way!

  2. Lately, it's been the comfiest chair in the whole wide world, which happens to be in my in-laws' family room. Often bed, or the couch too... but none of my spots have the AMAZING views yours do! I think the main theme across mine are that they are cozy and need to be quiet-ish... I don't accomplish much with too many distractions ;-)

  3. These views are just gorgeous! I would DIE to get up to New York and see the beauty! I love the idea of filling us in on the specific spots you've blogged from as well. Never thought of it in that way, but that's the joys of being able to elaborate on the subject however you please :) Thanks so much for linking up with us!!

  4. Your pictures are stunning!!!!! Absolutely stunning!!!!!
    Thank you for linking up!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  5. So pretty! I usually blog from my kitchen table. Not very pretty... haha.

  6. BEAUTIFUL!! I hafta admit I'm jealous!


  7. Wow!!!! Amazing scenery. I wish I could say I have such inspiring surroundings when I blog ;)

    I am usually frantically typing something up at the dining room table while shoveling food in my mouth and ushering my son to eat faster so I'm not late getting to work (again!). Or I'm up late after the kids are in bed, perched on the couch, legs folded underneath me with a glass of red wine or craft beer helping me to relax :)

    I am hoping to get a good amount of blogging in this Saturday night while we are relaxing in the mountains after we run the tough mudder. That is if I can still type with my arms being overworked :)

  8. I love the pictures you shared. I mostly blog from my bed too.