Happy Birthday Hoopster!

June 12, 2013

My "baby" sister (whom I affectionately refer to as "hoopster" (because she played basketball)... and who calls me "pom pom" (because I was a cheerleader) yes, we have code names. Blame it on a bad break up and a marathon viewing of Alias. Let's move on. *smiles*) turns twenty-seven today! I thought I would share with you my favorite twenty-seven things about her. (These are in no particular order!)

1. That you think code names are "cool". Aka. "hoopster" and "pom pom".

2. That no matter how many years we take the twenty hour car trip to New York you still think it is fun to sneak "just one more thing" in.

3. Alias. Enough said.

4. That you were a basketball player and then a basketball coach. Very cool.

5. How much you love Jesus. 

6. That you get dressed up for dinner just because I think it is fun. 

7. How BIG your heart is.

8. The constant laughter that you bring to our family.

9. That we still laugh about Mary Kate and Ashley movies.

10. Our phone conversations. 

11. That you think I am a good singer (hahaha) and that it is always a good time to start "air-singing"

12. ALL of your prayers for me!

13. Our Thanksgiving Starbucks tradition

14. Our late night talks- even in freezing hotel rooms.

15. Our sister days. (and trips!)

16. That you love being in charge of the lights at Christmas 

17. Your lovely understanding of the need for compassion in the world.

18. your love for our pajama tradition!

19. Your ability to bring a smile to everyone's heart that encounters you.

20. Your loyalty. 

21. Your love for Disney (just like me!)

22. Your agreement that there is only so much of the "it's a small world song" before one goes crazy.

23. that you love toasting with Starbucks water

24. your love for scamper and my future children

25. your love for road trips

26. your love for talking and planning for the amazing race when I am healthy

27. YOU
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hoopster! I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you this coming year! I LOVE YOU!


  1. This is so sweet... you're both so very lucky to have each other! Some of those pictures made me tear up a little - so much love!!

  2. Ahhh Happy birthday to your sister...AND I LOVE Alias!!! Such a great show!!! love ya!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sister! Sisters are the best and I love that you dedicated a post to her in honor of her birthday. I hope you two got to celebrate together!

    And I have to say, I LOVE Alias, too! Hearing about it in you post makes me want to re-watch the series all over again. I actually watched it with my sisters, too!

    p.s. I did get your email and hope to so the ad swap thing later this weekend. :)