Willsboro Bay Sunset, Lake Champlain

June 14, 2013

The weather this summer has been very rainy and cold so far. We have spent more time huddled around fires then we have been outside. So it was delightful to my little heart to spend some time with my camera in the bay capturing the brilliance of this sunset last night. The beauty of this land struck me and I fell in love with Lake Champlain all over again and fell in love deeper with my God who created such beauty. 

As I drove to the bay the beautiful clouds reminded me of the verses that talk about the clouds being the dust of God's feet. 
I was truly in awe at the beautiful sunset! 


  1. so pretty!!! can't wait to be up there!!!

  2. Awesome pictures. Amazing! It's amazing how much beauty there is in this world that God has created. I've tried my best to get a sunset pic here but I'm never in time enough or there's too many trees in the way. I love these pics.