Dear Amazing Friend... Happy Birthday Jen!

June 18, 2013

Do you have a friend who is truly a hero to you? Someone whose life is an amazing testimony of God's grace and spurs you on to trust the Lord in new ways? Someone that you can text or call and ask for prayer and you know that they are crying out to the Lord on your behalf. I am so blessed to have a couple of friends like that. One of them is so precious and it is her birthday today so I just had to give her a shout out! 

Happy Birthday Jen!
Photo By Jen S.
I "met" Jen about five years ago through facebook. A friend of mine in graduate school shared with a few of us that she knew that Jen was about to have brain surgery because of the fact that she has a severe case of epilepsy. I prayed for Jen, followed her story, continued to read her blog, and finally about a year later I sent her a message through facebook telling her how much she touched and changed my life just through her writing. I was so touched when she wrote me back and thus began our "facebook message friendship". 

What began as a facebook message friendship turned into a beautiful friendship of sharing deep prayer requests and the trials and sorrows as well as the joys of life. I have been constantly encouraged and inspired by her to live life to the fullest despite health challenges. 
Photo by Jen S.
While I was in California I was THRILLED when the opportunity arose to get together! It was SUCH a blessing to be able to meet after so many years of praying for each other and talking in person. She and her husband Ryan drove more than an hour to come meet me and have lunch with me. As we ate lunch and then as they prayed over me I was overcome with God's goodness and the blessing of dear friends in my life. Their prayers have definitely sustained me through many a dark night these last several years. Their hope in God's goodness and His healing has been a beacon of light during many dark times. 

Jen is TRULY my hero as she has been such a role model for her deep faith in Christ despite what many would have seen as ultimate devastation. I won't share all of her story (as it is not mine to tell) but suffice it to say that despite all of her losses she has clung to her faith and inspired so many others, including myself, to do so. 

I am HONORED to call her a friend. She is such a blessing in my life and I am SO thrilled to know her.  Isn't it amazing how God works?! Who would have thought that a beautiful friendship could all start because of Facebook? 
Photo by Jen S.
I am so thankful for your beautiful sweet friendship Jen! You are SUCH a blessing to me and I thank God for our friendship daily! I pray that you have a WONDERFUL birthday! May God's blessings be ABUNDANTLY upon you this year! Believing that the Lord has BIG BIG BIG things in store for this coming year!!!

Happy Birthday!

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  1. ok....that is CRAZY! When I pulled up your site, I was like..HEY! I know that girl! I used to follow Jen's blog a loooong time ago. Then I switched servers and somehow her blog didn't make it into my feed!? Can you send me her link. She was always such a sweetheart and so encouraging, even through everything she faces. I'm so thankful that we can know friends like this through blogging! I have several :) isn't it THE BEST meeting someone you truly connect with?!

    Happy Birthday Jen!