the meaning behind the blog title

June 10, 2013

It is the perfect time to share a little bit about the name and the meaning. 

To be truthful I have blogged on and off for a number of years on other blogs that I have had but I never truly felt connected to those blogs. A year ago I knew that life was changing in many ways (moving home, the plan to concentrate on graduate school only, taking a year off of teaching) but could never have imagined the radical ways that it was truly to change (not able attend school, not able to work, health declining, becoming bed bound, relationships shifting and changing, a Lyme's diagnosis on top of M.E., and then cancer on top of both of those diseases!). As time continued I knew that in addition to working on the book that I am writing I needed a way to process through things that were going on, keep friends & family up to date, and to have a way to "escape" on very difficult health days. A new blog seemed like the perfect fit. I was also looking for ways to improve my writing and to connect with the "outside world". I never imagined the rich community that I have been privileged to find and to be apart of and the lovely bloggers who I am blessed enough to call friends! What a blessing!

The name "Caravan Sonnet" was truly a reflection of my life and also of what I envisioned for my life. I loved the idea of having a name that could grow and change with the course and ebbing of time. I loved finding bloggers who had been blogging for years not just one year and reading how their lives changed throughout the course of that time. It is like looking into a good book isn't it? *smiles* Because of this I wanted a name that would grow with me and the adventures that were going to be apart of my life and those that I was currently living. Because of this I combined letters of my first and last name to come up with the name "Caravan" ( I have always loved this word and have used it throughout my life instead of the word journey... I think it is the "Brit" in me *smiles). The word "Sonnet" came a little later and it was equally as perfect to me as I am a girly girl at heart who loves creating beautiful word pictures and inspiring others to live a beautiful life. The word "sonnet" to me has always appeared as a pretty word and it spoke of hope and color in difficult times. And so that is how the name Caravan Sonnet came to be. 

I do believe that it has been a perfect fit for me now and love the aspect of growing with the blog throughout many different stages of life. Thank you so much for reading and for following along on this beautiful caravan that I am on! 

I am curious! How did you pick your blog name and do you feel that it has fit you well throughout different seasons of your life?


  1. I love your blog name! My blog name came to me similarly; I wanted a name I could grow with. I'm "becoming" who I am during my college and post-grad adventures.

  2. Very clever and it's perfect. Your blog is lovely! I wanted something similar, in that it is something I can grow. There's always room for more love, and so Besote, a big kiss, works perfect for me, my life, my travel and my soon-to-be new life in Spain. Great post.

    Continuing to send prayer and good energy your way,

  3. I always love hearing about how people came up with their blog names!

  4. Oh, I love this! I LOVE hearing how people choose names, and I've actually been curious about yours. {Not curious enough to ask, obviously haha! but I did think about it} I do enjoy your blog and I feel like the name is very telling of your journey :)

    My name, La Blondie Perunana describes ME! I have had a few blogs over the years, and made my current one about 4 years ago before we moved to Peru. La Blondie Peruana means "The Blondie Peruvian :) I chose it because all of my Peruvian friends called me Blondie, but they accepted me into their culture and I felt like one of them! So I claim to be both, a blondie and a peruvian...which there aren't many of, as you can imagine :)

  5. I love this! Thanks so much for linking up with us! It is so neat to hear how many other bloggers have had multiple accounts and former experience, but not intimately linked to the title. I loved hearing how this space came to be :)

  6. I've signed my cards, letters and emails either "Love always, Katie" or "Always, Katie" or even just "Always." And one of the things I love about making jewelry for people is the communication... I communicate with the customer to create custom things... I view the finished piece as a form of communication... the customer might gift the jewelry, which is another kind of communication... and whoever wears the jewelry communicates to anyone who sees them something about themselves (as personal as a health struggle, or as simple as "I like bold colors."). So, I sign my blog posts and all of my jewelry work as if they were personal correspondence... because they are :-)

  7. Awesome Name. Everyone has a different blog name and it's usually a unique special name. It has it's own meaning.

  8. I love this idea and thank you for sharing your story. I think you just gave me an ide for a blog post this week.