Smitten: Olivella Products

June 7, 2013

smitten: {adj}: infatuated, charmed, captivated, beguiled, betwitched, enamoured

There are certain products that I use or have that I am just smitten with. I love discovering great products on other blogs and hope that these items that I talk about from time to time on here might be a wonderful discovery for y'all!

Several months ago I wrote a post about my face cream that I am smitten with and today I am excited to share additional products that I use on my face and on my hair that I am also smitten with!
Olivella Website Picture
I first discovered Olivella products several years ago when I was looking for a sensitive soap for my face. I was thrilled to discover this company and have used their 100% Olive Oil Soap on my face since then. My face has never felt softer or more healthy since that time. I am very careful about the products that I use on my skin so I have been thrilled with the results!  While Olivella has entire line of all different products,  I am currently only using the face soap and their shampoo. I plan to add try their other products in the coming months. I think it is really hard to find products that are all natural yet accomplish their jobs you know? I think that is one of the reasons that I have been so delighted with this brand! All natural or organic? Check! Accomplishes what it is supposed to do? Check! 
Picture from Olivella Website
Have y'all tried Olivella products? Which are your favorites?


  1. I've never tried these but sounds really good! I would love to try the hand cream and moisturizer. Always looking for new beauty products!
    Karen's Soiree

  2. hey there! great blog :)

    im now following you through 'the ladys blog hop' & id love it if you could check out my blog too.