Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course Honest Review (and a $28 off coupon & discount code) - why you need to take this course and how it will change your blogging life. You can find my review of the course HERE and go directly to purchase the course HERE

FreshBooks - If you are not familiar with FreshBooks it is the #1 cloud accounting solution that was designed for small business owners and it is wonderful. You can find out more about it HERE.

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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course Honest Review (and a $28 off coupon & discount code) (2017)
5 Reasons Every Blogger Should Use PicMonkey (2017)
4 Year Blogging Advice (2017)
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6 Tips to Help your Blog Make an Impact in the World (2015)
6 Ways to Stop the Comparison Game and Love Your Blog (2015)
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9 Month Blogging Advice (2013)
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PicMonkey Photo editing made of win
PicMonkey- I love PicMonkey and use it for my photo editing needs for the blog. I wrote a post HERE entitled, 5 Reasons Every Blogger Should Use PicMonkey about ways that PicMonkey is wonderful. You can find the blog post HERE or to go directly to PicMonkey click HERE


Board Booster: The cheapest plan is only $5 a month which gives you 500 repins. The plans and the cost go up from there. You can sign up HERE

Tailwind: Tailwind has a bunch of different plans (including one that you can sign up for free!) and helps with marketing tools on Pinterest (and Instagram) that allows you schedule your pins and track your analytics and promotion. You can sign up HERE

Fullbottle (Please say Rebecca VanDeMark referred you!) 
Socialix  (You need at least 5000 followers on Instagram or Youtube to Sign Up)- But this is one of my favorites! The campaigns are easy to apply to and seriously the customer service is phenomenal. I had a question before signed up and it was answered within 10 minutes. 
Acorn Influence 
Coopertize (Please use this link HERE which is my affiliate link)

CLASSES CreativeLive was created in 2010 with a mission to empower creators with the skills and inspriation in a mentorship format. They offer tons of free classes and have attracted tens of thousands of viewers over the last seven years. The classes are taught by students, artists, teachers, and professionals from around the world.

For me it has been easiest to keep everything organized together so all of my blog planner is incorporated into my life planner that I use. I use the following products:
Planner: Carpe Diem Reset Girl Planner
Inserts: Carpe Diem Weekly Inserts (vertical found HERE and vertical appointments HERE)
Dividers: Reset Girl Monthly DividersReset Girl DividersReset Girl Pocket Inserts
Stickers: Reset Girl StickersReset Girl Word Stickers
Journals/ Pads: Reset Girl TabletReset Girl Journal
Paraphenalia: Reset Girl ParaphenaliaReset Girl 3x4 Pocket Cards
Stickers: Reset Girl 2x3 Sticky NotesReset Girl Mini Monthly StickersReset Girl Flags
Stamps/ Washi Tape: Reset Girl StampReset Girl Washi Tape
Clips: Reset Girl Decorative ClipsReset Girl Metal Clips

For me it has been easiest to keep everything organized together so all of my etsy shop items to be incorporated into my life planner that I use. I use the following products:

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