my life changed from a $7 course

September 2, 2023

 caravan sonnet

This past spring and summer I found myself in a very desperate financial situation as I was still paying off HUGE health and hospital bills from being sick for over a decade. Add to that two cross country moves, housing repair costs, the rising cost of living, some personal things, and it was overwhelming. Like many people, with rising cost of living I was desperately trying to figure out ways to bring in additional income but the thought of adding to my very full plate with an additional job outside the home exhausted me. 

After being in the online space for over a decade I searched for ways that I could legitimately bring in passive income that would be helpful to my situation. I found out about a $7 course that taught high-income skills. I was skeptical 
and thought it was a scam. I researched about it for over 30 days and found out it came with a money back guarantee. I took a chance and never regretted my decision to pay the equal amount of a fast food meal. 

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