Last Day of School

May 26, 2021

It is with tears of gratitude that today I closed out this beautiful school year. As I stood in the doorway of F112 today, I welled up with tears as a thousand memories flooded my mind... God has abundantly blessed me with the most incredible year... and the most incredible people that I spent life with. 
It is a strange thing to have your dream come true after fighting for it, praying for it, and believing for it against all odds when you are sick...especially when at one point I had doctors from some of the most well-known medical clinics/hospitals in the world telling me there was no hope for life, walking again or eating normally (without a feeding tube) let alone that I would never be able to return to a school again in a teaching position. (One doctor called this dream "ridiculous in thinking".)

A dream fulfilled is a beautiful gift... but to have it be an experience that has been beyond anything you could have imagined... is a humbling experience that truly has left me speechless. God has been so so good ... and to my students, my amazing sophomores whom I loved spending time with exploring topics of government, justice, and history... thank you. I looked forward to every single morning with y'all... and to the senior class of 2021... thank you for loving me so well. You have been the biggest blessing and one that I thank God for every single day and will continue to do so every single day of my life. I love y'all so so much. 
I also humbly remember so many of you who have been walking this journey with me for 9 incredibly long years. It may be me holding this sign with happy tears at this past year, but to each of you who have faithfully prayed over the years, stood by me & my family in this journey, to the nurses at UVM - "Courtney" & I weep with gratitude, to those who have donated money to various go fund me campaigns over the years, to the letters, emails, texts, & "just the right" words at the right time, the list is never ending & to each of my doctors ...& to my main medical team all of y'all - I love you...Dr.J... I am indebted forever for you helping save my life. Thank you. 

While I was so honored to be offered a contract again with Concord, there are some HUGE changes coming up and I look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks, but for today... it is a day of extreme humility as I ponder and store up and remember in my heart all that God has done.

Thank you for rejoicing in this beautiful year, for the support and encouragement for this first year back to teaching and for your continued prayers for me & my health. 

And to the class of 2021... thank you. thank you. thank you. Your love and encouragement, your laughter and life, and your honest vulnerability and friendship has been a gentle and precious reminder that God is ever-present in the dark and I love you so so much. 

First Day
Caravan Sonnet

Last Day of School
"The people who survived the wars have found favor in the desert. The Lord said, "I love you with an everlasting love...once again I will build you up & you will be rebuilt my dear people...once again you will take your tambourines & you will go dancing with happy people...once again you will plant...I will satisfy you with abundance" 

//Jeremiah 31// 

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