How To Properly Take Care Of Your Hearing

April 2, 2021

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Your physical health is so important. When it is not adequately maintained, you can develop symptoms and problems that make life troublesome. To stay healthy, you must keep a good routine. However, you must also consider other areas of your body that may be neglected. Including, your ears. We are exposed to great dangers of hearing on a daily basis - even hearing music on headphones or driving on a busy road can cause an accumulation of irreversible damage. But there are some simple and yet meaningful things that you should know and be careful to do to avoid hearing problems.  

Irreversible noise damage can be caused in two ways - brief exposure to extreme noise, such as an explosion or gunshot, or prolonged exposure to noise above a noise level of 85-90 decibels, and especially at loud noises. From the noise of cars or trucks on a busy road, noise in factories, planes, to the most common - loud noise at parties and concerts (in both open and closed places) and listening to loud music at home, with headphones or even in the car. Overtime, the ears can become damaged and hearing loss occurs. You should always be careful when using headphones, that you don’t listen to the music too loudly, after all, it isn’t necessary to have it too loud! 

Look at protecting your ears

This is when hearing protection comes into its own. We usually know in advance about situations in which we may endanger hearing - performances, parties, headphones, working with heavy tools such as a chainsaw or drill, shooting noises, etc. In work environments that require exposure to such noises, you will need to protect yourself. In any situation where we know we are about to be exposed to extreme noise, the ears must be protected by ear plugs or some other type of protection. It is recommended to purchase custom earplugs that will optimally cover your ears - they can lower noise levels by 15 to 35 decibels, which makes the ears significantly easier on your hearing. This will greatly improve your ear health and will protect you from damage. 

We already briefly touched on loud music, but if you want to listen to your music a little louder than usual, then you should consider some tips to make sure you’re not inhibiting your hearing. When it comes to headphones, there is a rule of thumb that some experts recommend known as the "60:60 rule". To protect your hearing, you should listen to the music on the headphones at 60% of the maximum volume, for no more than 60 minutes a day. If this is not practical for you, also lowering the volume without limiting the duration of listening will help significantly. It doesn’t take much, but a little goes a long way and you will be surely able to protect your hearing for many years.

Also, you should consider hearing tests as you get older, to rule out any issues and to ensure that your hearing is top notch at all ages.

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