The Benefits of Taking Milk Baths

December 28, 2020


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Taking care of your skin should always be a priority. The fact is that if you have a busy schedule it can become difficult to find the time to take care of your skin.

However, no matter how busy you become you will need to take the time to cleanse yourself. Those moments should be spent nourishing your skin. You can easily do this by taking a milk bath.

Milk baths are becoming a bit of a trend and with good reason, they nourish the skin and are easy to do. The benefits are many and you will find that your skin becomes more supple.

What is a Milk Bath?

A milk bath is made by adding milk to your bathwater. The milk may be animal-based or it may be plant-based. Many types of milk can be used to make baths. Here are a few of them.

  • Cow’s milk

  • Goat’s milk

  • Almond milk

  • Coconut milk

  • Buttermilk

  • Soy milk

All of these are legitimate choices and are excellent for milk baths. This means that even someone who is a vegan can take a milk bath since there are coconut, soybean, and almond milk options available.

It is hard to say which bath will be the most nourishing to your skin. Although the legendary Queen Cleopatra swore by goat’s or donkey’s milk depending on the source. No matter what type of milk she used it was undoubtedly one of her beauty secrets.

Are Milk Baths for Everyone?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Milk baths are not for everyone and can prove to be problematic for people who are allergic to any form of milk. 

They can also be problematic during pregnancy and are often not recommended especially if you have had bleeding or issues with pregnancy viability. It is always a good idea to consult your doctor before trying new skin and healthcare routines in pregnancy.

The Benefits of Milk Baths

Smooth Skin

A milk bath will make your skin feel very soft. The fat and protein from the milk will immediately make your skin feel more supple. 

The lactic acid in the milk helps to exfoliate the skin and this makes the skin look and feels renewed.


Several irritations can plague the skin and milk baths work well for many of them. Chief among these skin conditions is eczema. The proteins can help to relieve itchiness and redness that can occur in the skin when this condition is present.

Some people add oatmeal to the bath to make it extra nourishing. You can put the oats in a blender and grind it finely then it will be ready for use in your bath.


Sunburned skin can be very painful. One way to help soothe this is to take a milk bath. The amino acids, proteins, and fats found in milk will prove helpful to your skin.

You can even add some aloe vera or honey to the bath to help speed up the healing process. Soaking for about a half-hour in this bath should help to significantly soothe your sunburn.

Heal Dry Skin

If you suffer from dry skin then milk baths are great for soothing your skin. Make sure that you take baths regularly so that the minerals and proteins from the milk can start working on your skin quickly to relieve irritation.

How to Make a Milk Bath?

Milk baths are not that difficult to make. The following is an easy recipe you can follow to get your bath ready to use quite quickly.

Pour two cups of powdered milk into a bathtub. As discussed before, this milk can be any type of milk you prefer. You can add some essential oils to the bath if you like. This will make the bath more fragrant.

Some people like to add honey to make the bath even more nourishing. Others add dashes of Epsom salts and even some baking soda to make the bath more exfoliating to the skin. This is optional and you may prefer to leave these out.

Once you have added everything to the bath then you should mix the bath well to ensure that all the ingredients are saturated in the water.

How long you choose to soak in the bath is also a personal choice. Many people soak for twenty to thirty minutes but you may choose to go longer.

If you notice any allergic reactions afterward then it is best to refrain from taking this kind of bath again. You can do a patch test with other forms of milk for a day and see how your skin reacts to a solution made from other types of milk.

Buying Pre-Made Milk Baths

There are several pre-made milk baths available on the market and you may be wondering whether you should purchase them or not. Pre-made milk baths can come in handy when you are traveling and would like to nourish your skin without having to make the bath yourself.

Pre-made milk baths tend to have more ingredients than just milk. Before you go ahead and make a purchase it is best to ensure that you read the labels carefully. Since there may be ingredients there that may not appeal to you and may also cause allergic reactions.

Your Best Skin

Giving your skin the nourishment it needs is important because this can keep it looking healthy for a long time. Proper care can also reduce the chances of getting fine lines and wrinkles prematurely since milk baths are known for their anti-aging properties.

Milk baths are an affordable way to ensure that your skin gets all the proper care it needs. Once you find the type of milk that works for your skin you should be consistent in taking baths. Since this is what will help you to receive the maximum benefits from the treatment.

Milk baths are versatile so you can add other nourishing ingredients to them until you find the perfect combination for your skin.

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