being fed with honesty and intimacy and love

July 29, 2019

Happy Monday friends! I hope that you had a restful and restorative weekend. It is hard and almost impossible to believe that we are finishing up the last few days of July and approaching August right in front of us. 

The last couple of weeks for us have been filled with some very difficult things and decisions my mom had to make. Anyone who has lost anyone understands the overwhelming emotions that are faced in times like this and the stress of how it affects everything. In this past week mom and I also committed even more to fight for defiant joy...and among the tears there have been some incredibly beautiful moments as we have fought to look for them. 

I have marveled that there are certain situations where for whatever reason people may not be able to step up and embrace the season that you are in the way you wish or thought they would...this is hard. There are really no other words for it and if you let it, it can cause a bitterness that runs deep...but if you defiantly look for joy there are people who have met us in deep dark painful moments where texts and calls (thank you so much Traci, Tammy, and Zoey) have allowed my tears to flow freely. 

We have been beautifully embraced and fed by honesty, intimacy, and love this past weekend in a variety of different ways. Starting Thursday evening with the most lovely dinner invitation (thank you again Donny and Debbie so so so much!), then visitors chatting for hours with us under the cozy white lights in comfy chairs with loved ones, friends who come at a moments call to help with situations that feel overwhelming, Jeanne and Leanne and your listening and encouraging words and time, Susie and Bob for keeping us laughing and so many others who have brought light into our hurting hearts. Thank you to those of you who are making us feel fiercely protected and heart is incredibly grateful for the kindness and compassion.

"I’m not talking about cooking as performance, or entertaining as a complicated choreography of competition and showing off. I’m talking about feeding someone with honesty and intimacy and love, about making your home a place where people are fiercely protected, even if just for a few hours, from the crush and cruelty of the day."

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