What People Are Saying About My Book Praying through Lyme Disease This Month

July 13, 2019

Y'all I am so humbled and excited to share some beautiful new reviews of "Praying through Lyme Disease" this month! These lovely "5 star reviews" have touched my heart so much and been such a blessing to many Lymies already! I was so touched, humbled, and overwhelmed by the kind words that the reviewers left:

"As I read this timely book, it became very apparent that the author knew every step of the journey I am taking. Every topic is on point and every scripture and prayer is thoughtfully and gracefully worded. This book ministers to me on my good days when I feel I am making headway in my fight against chronic illness and is my encouragement on my bad days when I feel I will never regain my footing. It is a wonderful companion to my devotional and my Bible. This is the exact resource I needed when I felt I had no words. Rebecca VanDeMark knows what you are wanting to say and has wonderfully linked a beautiful scripture with a heartfelt prayer. I well be reading and re-reading this for many seasons!"

and another beautiful review...

"As the only prayer support book for Lyme disease, the author who had Lyme disease herself, walks you through all the possible feelings you likely will have with this devastating illness. The books identified quotes in the Bible to help guide you through this disease and to remind you that God has not given up on you and loves you dearly. It is the reflection of an honest and difficult discussion with God that gives you continued hope during your journey. Many believe that emotional and spiritual healing is just as important as physical treatment with Lyme disease and this workbook helps you think through that process. You won’t regret your purchase!"

and another beautiful review...

"This book is just wonderful for someone who has been diagnosed with Lyme. Rebecca hits all the major, heart-wrenching topics that grieve someone suffering with Lyme. She shares short, scripture-filled prayers that are easy enough to get through for those of us who have terrible brain fog and can’t always comprehend long passages. Thank you for this treasure of a book, Rebecca! It has brought me much comfort!"

and another beautiful review...

"For so long I was thinking a book like this needs to be written. There isn’t much out there for chronic illness in general but to have a lyme Christian book is wonderful! I saw it comes in large print also which is awesome because my husband is visually impaired and not many books offer large print. This author has really focused on others needs and relating to them in a biblical and helpful way. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone fighting the lyme battle."

These words from these reviews have meant so very much to my little heart because these are exactly the things that I hope people will find in this little book! THANK YOU so much to all of you that have purchased the book, have sent me encouraging emails, and have passed this book on to others fighting Lyme Disease and most of all left reviews. 

It may sound strange to hear that last sentence when I express how grateful I am for the reviews.It has been a MAJOR learning curve for me to understand as an author that despite the fact that Praying through Lyme Disease has more than 25000 copies in print (across a number of languages around the world) reviews are something that Amazon takes into consideration in their algorithms and displays. 

Because of the low number of reviews to the book, Amazon won't show this book if people are doing simple searches on the topic of Lyme Disease and I would love to change that to help bring hope and encouragement to this very dark area. So far all of the marketing and learning of the book has been more by word of mouth, but I am praying for the Lord to increase this spread of word on Amazon this year.

If you have read the book would you mind writing a review? As I shared above this type of thing helps spread the word to others! It doesn't even have to be long- simple is fine- it is the review that matters! Thank you so much!! 

If you are looking to purchase the book you can buy it where books are sold and find it on Amazon HERE!

Thank you again! Happy Saturday Friends!

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