goodbye summer, hello sweet autumn

September 21, 2014

If we are connected on instagram then you know that I mentioned yesterday that last night was the last night at the cabin for this summer. The weather has been unusually cool this September and for my fragile system it is best that I move up to my grandmothers house for a few days while my parents finish closing up. Leaving camp for me is always difficult. I love this place and this land. Years ago my brother said, "it is written in your soul" and he was exactly right. There is a deep connection to the Lord here and it is a place that I love to be. And to be frank, while this summer has been difficult health wise, being here at camp has given me a break away from some health routine and given me a bit of "freedom". As I return home to the south I know that I am looking at numerous weekly doctors appointments, hundreds of blood sticks, hundreds of hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and a whole host of other things all related to sick world. While I have been doing a ton of different things for my health here, the routine here has a been a nice change. Several days ago I came across Daniel 2:21 which states, :"He changes times and seasons...":. This verse has been of particular comfort to me, reminding me that the Lord has a hand in all seasons and each day that is approaching is a gift... just like this summer has been. 

This summer has been filled with precious memories and moments amidst pain and perhaps that is why they were even more special. *smiles* Here are definitely some of my favorite memories of this summer. It is always a beautiful thing to look back and see the Lord's faithfulness in so many different ways!

The summer started with the announcement of my beautiful mother's sacrifice to retire from teaching to help me get well. Throughout this summer and with the intensive new treatment plan before me, we see even more clearly the Lord's compassionate hand and guidance on this decision- even before we knew what was coming. 
Our trip to camp was one filled with a lot of "delays" but the extra hours were filled with editing re-writing the book. *smiles* I was SO excited to turn in the book with all of the edits in early July (and yes, we celebrated!) and to now be working on the FINAL editing phase! WOW!
In early June I announced that I would be doing a series on all things related to doctors out of state and country for the Thursday Health Thoughts. I was so grateful for such a warm response to this series and was even more excited to share with y'all the "what to pray series". I was overwhelmed by the response by so many of you and am so thankful that you found this to be helpful! 
In the middle of June I shared that there was a change to my health plan  and mentioned that the biggest prayer request was that my digestive system would remain stable. What a BEAUTIFUL answer to prayer to look back and see that it has remained stable throughout this summer and even with the addition of drastic changes that had to happen. As I head into my "third fall" we are praising the Lord for this and continuing to ask Him for His blessing in this new season
There were so many exciting things that happened with my shop, December Caravan, this summer! I was thrilled to announce that I had added in Storybook Bunting to the shop and later to announce that I had added in Scripture Bunting. I was thrilled to share that I had stepped out in faith and will be apart of the hopespoken handmade market in March! It was also fun to share pictures from the craft room at the cabin! I was overwhelmed by the love and support for my shop, all of the orders, the custom orders, and the sweet words of encouragement that I have received. It is truly a joy to create handmade items! (p.s.- The shop "reopens" on October 5th and I can not wait to share with you the new goodies, fall buntings, new storybook buntings, and the advent bunting that is coming y'all!! Stay tuned!!)
One of my favorite posts of the summer was sharing with y'all my heart as I have learned to delight in the beauty of the ordinary
While we didn't travel due to my health there were several short trips to places for various reasons. There was a lovely drive through Essex to Essex Farms and there were several trips back and forth to Vermont this summer due to doctors visits and health reasons and the ferry rides were filled with beauty.
There was projects to complete for The Twinery - what a joy it is to be on the design team for them! It is so fun to create and is humbling to be in such a talented and encouraging group of people! Two of my favorite projects to create this summer were the backyard sheet and the teapot mini-album projects!
There was a precious few days with my sister when she came in July! We had such a delightful time and had so many laughs that has filled my heart for the weeks following her visit!
And finally something that was dear to my heart was the announcement of a ministry that has been prayed over, thought through, talked about, cried over, and seen the mighty hand of the Lord's blessing in a million different ways. SEEN Gathering has been such a delight to be apart of and it has touched so many peoples hearts already. It had been in the works for so long behind the scenes that it was exciting and nerve-wracking to share with others but it has been an amazing journey so far!

 It is strange when you start something like this because you step out and you follow the Lord's calling even when somethings don't make sense. One of the ways that I have seen this is in the way of who the Lord has called to be apart of the team. There were some people who had originally expressed interest in SEEN Gathering being a "big" conference but when it changed to a MUCH different (and smaller!) ministry I had several people who had expressed "so much interest" back out. It saddened me to realize (belatedly) that these people liked the idea of "big" and that was the draw to be apart of this. BUT y'all... the LORD is faithful and as we follow HIM He is SO good. I see over and over the Lord's goodness in providing people who are not about any glory or fame but about loving on the people in front of them in extravagant ways with no glory to them. NO ONE involved in SEEN Gathering desire anything but that those who encounter the ministry are encouraged and that they know that they are not forgotten. We want them to know that they are loved by God and have a unique purpose. NONE of us at SEEN Gathering want anything but the Lord to get the glory. And honestly I have been brought to tears at the amount of emails and people we have heard from. SO many people need the Lord's love and sometimes all that means is opening your heart to who is right in front of you friends. It might not "seem" big or flashy but that is okay. If you have something the Lord is calling you to step out and trust Him. Even if it seems small or people leave, follow the Lord! There are NO small offerings to God! YOU are changing your world and the Lord is getting the glory. 
Looking back on all of these things reminds me of the countless ways the Lord is always near. I pray that you see that today sweet friends as we say goodbye to summer and hello to the sweet autumn!


  1. What a beautiful tribute to summer, family, and God. I adore your site, Seen Gathering. I have forwarded to others and they, too, are so touched by it. Please keep us updated on your book. I will be so excited to own a copy when they are ready to be sold.
    Take care beautiful lady. Xoxo

    1. Marci,

      Honestly your words of encouragement have been such a blessing to me these past several weeks and these were no exception. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such heartfelt and lovely comments despite so many responsibilities I know you have on your plate. It might not seem like a big deal but your words have been a gift from the Lord! Thank you again so much for your encouragement and taking the time to leave such a heartfelt note!! You are a blessing!

      Sending hugs,

  2. What an amazing sunset! I love being on the water and at the lake, something so calming about it.

    1. Thank you so much Rachel! there were definitely several beautiful sunsets this summer where we just marveled at the beauty of the Lord!
      :) Rebecca