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the meaning behind the blog title

About a year and a half ago I shared a little bit about the meaning behind the blog title and today I wanted to share again. I have received a few emails asking about the blog title and also a few emails addressing me as "Caravan" (hahaha) so I wanted to share again about the meaning behind the blog title.

To be truthful I have blogged on and off for a number of years on other blogs that I have had but I never truly felt connected to those blogs. A year ago I knew that life was changing in many ways (moving home, the plan to concentrate on graduate school only, taking a year off of teaching) but could never have imagined the radical ways that it was truly to change (not able attend school, not able to work, health declining, becoming bed bound, relationships shifting and changing, a Lyme's diagnosis on top of M.E., and then cancer on top of both of those diseases and then later on other health complications!). As time continued I knew that in addition to working on the book that I am writing I needed a way to process through things that were going on, keep friends & family up to date, and to have a way to "escape" on very difficult health days. A new blog seemed like the perfect fit. I was also looking for ways to improve my writing and to connect with the "outside world". I could never imagined the rich community that I have been privileged to find and to be apart of and the lovely bloggers who I am blessed enough to call friends! What a blessing!

The name "Caravan Sonnet" was truly a reflection of my life and also of what I envisioned for my life. I loved the idea of having a name that could grow and change with the course and ebbing of time. I loved finding bloggers who had been blogging for years not just one year and reading how their lives changed throughout the course of that time. It is like looking into a good book isn't it? *smiles* Because of this I wanted a name that would grow with me and the adventures that were going to be apart of my life and those that I was currently living. Because of this I combined letters of my first and last name to come up with the name "Caravan" ( I have always loved this word and have used it throughout my life instead of the word journey... I think it is the "Brit" in me *smiles). The word "Sonnet" came a little later and it was equally as perfect to me as I am a girly girl at heart who loves creating beautiful word pictures and inspiring others to live a beautiful life. The word "sonnet" to me has always appeared as a pretty word and it spoke of hope and color in difficult times. And so that is how the name Caravan Sonnet came to be. 

I do believe that it has been a perfect fit for me now and love the aspect of growing with the blog throughout many different stages of life. Thank you so much for reading and for following along on this beautiful caravan that I am on! 

I am curious! How did y'all pick your blog name and do you feel that it has fit you well throughout different seasons of your life?


  1. I'm so glad you posted. I have always thought it was a beautiful title, but I was curious as to its origin. :)

    I chose life with joys because God blesses me with joys each day - from my family, to the great sunsets, to a smile from a stranger, etc. I want to live my love for Him out loud and share His joys and blessings.

    1. Aww thank you so much Marci for your sweet words about the blog title! It is a little bit of a different title I know :) *smiles* I LOVE your blog title and the reason that you chose it. One thing that I am learning every single day is to intentionally look for the joys that God blesses me with every day. I love how your title shows that (and your blog does it so beautifully!!!)

      Thank you again for being such an encouragement to me Marci! Your comments TRULY are such a blessing to me!!
      :) Rebecca

  2. So good to read this!! I love hearing how your blog title got birthed!!!

    1. Aww thank you sweet friend!! It is always fun to read the stories behind peoples blog titles! :) I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
      :) Rebecca


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