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June 4, 2014

I was almost tempted to name this post "the trip of delays" but decided against it. *smiles* Now, don't get me wrong I really love car trips- honestly I do. BUT I think that anyone can agree that by the time you are done reading this post you will be glad that we arrived too! *smiles*  And please ignore the quality of these photos y'all as they are all from my phone (which recently seems to be struggling!)

Sunday morning before we left I was up very bright and early to finish some last minute packing. I stepped outside for a few minutes to pray and there was the most glorious sunrise (which I mentioned on instagram). Later on in the morning as we were finishing the last minute packing I stepped outside once more for a last look at what has been my "view" for many long days and nights. I was reminded once again of the Lord's faithfulness and mercy each new day. Truly He is so faithful!
We left by 10am and were on the road! Since the book edits are due next Friday (yikes!!) I spent most of the car trip re-writing editing the book!
This was my view for the trip! About 8 hours into the trip we ran into heavy traffic and tons of truck traffic. This delayed us for several hours and definitely made the trip a lot longer. We were thankful though to have safe travels throughout the trip! 
After 12 hours of driving we stopped for the night in Pennsylvania to spend several hours sleeping at a really quiet hotel which we were really grateful for. Unfortunately at hour 25 of the trip Scamper had some issues and it created a huge mess for us to clean up and delayed us another two hours. We were so grateful to see the New York state sign and know that we only had 6 hours left of the trip!

When we hit Albany and knew that we only had 4 more hours I was so relieved! My poor body was struggling on the trip and I was pretty exhausted! I snapped a picture of this building in Albany that I have always loved. The architecture in parts of Albany is simply breathtaking!
We arrived to a BEAUTIFUL sunny day and could only laugh as we pulled into our tiny town that we got stopped at the railroad crossing for thirty minutes. Seriously y'all we couldn't stop giggling! We have NEVER run into this and in all of my years I have only seen the train at other sections -not at this one-and have never been stopped by the railroad crossing.
But as I mentioned on instagram... it was all worth it. It was a simply beautiful day to arrive to and I am so grateful to be here. It is such a blessing to have a different "view" for these precious months!
Even after 31 hours in the car I was soo excited!!
Sitting and enjoying the view!
Thank you again for all of your prayers for safety and health as we traveled! I am spending time recuperating from the trip, unpacking, and will start treatment today. I am exhausted but so incredibly thankful to be here! Thank you again for ALL of your prayers sweet friends!! SO grateful for each of you!

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  1. So glad you are there safely - you always have gorgeous pictures!