Lake Champlain Ferry Ride

June 23, 2014

If you have been around for a little while I think it is completely safe to say that you know my love for Lake Champlain. Located in upstate New York the Lake spans from the Canadian coast down to the Hudson River. It has a ton of history that relates back to the War of 1812 and I could go on and on and on for days as I love this tiny gorgeous space of earth. Back in 1899 my great-great-great-great-great grandfather (on my mom's side) bought a tiny piece of land for his family (there is a beautiful and long and rich story filled with joys and heartbreaks about how this came to be that sometime I need to share here on the blog!) and on my father's side his parents bought a piece of land semi-close to that same piece of property. My parents have the "summer love story" ... well except for the fact that my mom was not interested at all in my father when she first met him, burned some love letters, and threw up after their first kiss. *smiles* BUT 45 years later and they adore each other and the Lord more and more each day. It is rustic (we got hot water when I was a teenager), it is definitely not winterized, there is no TV channels, an itsy bitsy shower, blankets that have been passed down for generations, and constant work that needs to be done just to keep it "standing", and yet I love every tiny inch of it. It is deathly silent as there is not a ton of noise surrounding us, internet service can be extremely spotty, cell phone coverage is always impossible, and any "normal American distraction" is basically non-existent. 
I love it.

 My brother once said "camp is written in your soul" and it was probably the most accurate description of how much I love this beautiful and untamed land. In many ways it has been written deep in my soul as the quiet and the beauty shout God's love and faithfulness throughout a thousand generations. 
Being sick I find great comfort in the truth of God's love and faithfulness throughout generations as I see in new ways the faithful love of the Lord every single day. One of the ways is in the way that this beautiful view shouts to my heart of Jesus' awesome power and creativity. Two weeks ago on the way home from a doctors appointment in Vermont the ferry ride home was simply gorgeous. The day had been long with difficulty but this early evening ferry ride home was simply gorgeous and once again I was reminded that it is not about where we are at or the circumstances that surround us. Instead it is about the faithful love of a God who carries us each and every day. As we start this new week I pray that you are comforted and encouraged by the beauty and the faithfulness of God's love. Happy Monday sweet friends!


  1. Beautiful. Hope you're feeling better, love.

    1. Thank you so much lady!! I hope that you are having a wonderful day!!
      :) Rebecca