change a child's life (Rebecca's Run & 8 hours on the 8th)

September 24, 2014

If y'all remember last year my sister started running a 1/2 marathon every six months in my honor that I am sick. (I have tears just even typing that sentence. What a beautiful gift my sister is to me!) In addition to this we launched Rebecca's Run 2013 and 8 hours on the 8th and we are SO excited to announce that it is back BUT in a completely new way! 
This year Rebecca's Run will be held in Nashville (you can find out all of the details HERE on this Facebook Page that was created specifically for this event) on October 26th. This is is a 5k (3.1 miles) run. The cost is $15.00 (you will receive a t-shirt and a bracelet for your participation in the event) and we are giving 50% of the donations with Lyme Light Foundation which provides grants to children (3-25 years old) to help cover their costs of Lyme Disease Treatment. This AMAZING foundation has touched and changed the hearts and lives of so many who are suffering. You can read some of their stories HERE. Simply Amazing aren't they?? Our goal is to raise $300 of which $150 will be donated to Lyme Light Foundation

So how do you sign up for this event? Go to the Go Fund Me page that has been specifically created for this event by clicking HERE. Once you have done that please email Emily at and let her know so she can put you on the list (don't forget to let me know your T-shirt size)! Emily at that point will keep you updated with all of the information that you need to know! That is it! We hope to see you there! Bring your families (including pets) and free to walk, jog, whatever you would like to do! (At this point in time Emily and my parents will be at the run and I hope that my health will be strong enough for me to come!) Don't live in Nashville and want to do a virtual run? After you donate the $15 please send an email to Emily ( explaining that you will be doing the virtual run with your address (and t-shirt size) and we will happily send you a t-shirt and a bracelet out to you asap! Finally, if you would like to donate the $15 without running or walking we would still like to send you a t-shirt and bracelet if you would like so please email us if you would like that! 

Can't afford to donate right now? That is OK!!

Would you like to help out by spreading the word for us about this event and Lyme Disease? One of the passions that I have is to spread the word on Lyme Disease and we would love to have you join in on 8 hours on the 8th! We are asking that you change your profile picture to this for EIGHT hours on October 8th:
(Simply right click on the picture and save it) and please put in the "add a description" section the following information:

I love someone fighting Lyme Disease. Find out about Lyme Disease here: and Find out about Rebecca's Run here: where 50 % of all proceeds will go to Lyme Light Foundation.


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    1. Hi sweet friend! YES!! You can!!! I realized that we did not say that on the original blog post so I have changed the wording!!! :) SORRY for that confusion. AND SERIOUSLY I am sending you BIG hugs across the miles!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!
      :) Rebecca