Why Learning Online Is Great

February 7, 2023

 Over the last few years, it has become more common for children to learn online; it has become more common for adults too! The landscape of learning was drastically changed in the last few years, and while there were some challenges, children adapted quickly to using technology to learn.

It has always been a concern for parents and guardians that children are spending too much time on their technology phones, ipads and computers - but there are a lot of benefits to be had too. 

So why is online learning great for everyone? 

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If you have ever worried that you aren’t learning, online courses track your progress and deliver it in easy-to-read metrics. You’ll see your strong point, your weak points and everything in between. It gives you the opportunity to make the most of your study time in a way that works for you. 

Independent learning 

Online learning is often guided, but there are so many different options for what you learn and how. You can explore new topics and deep dive into what really interests you. Learning with independence is a skill that is invaluable, and once the skill is learned and improved, it will be used for years across many different places - including the workplace. 


If you have an interest in marine biology, musical lessons, Chinese philosophy or English, you can find a course for that online. The variety that online learning offers is something that can be mind-boggling; you can even get short courses from top universities like Harvard. 

It is also possible to find the right learning method for you; it might be you prefer to read, or you might learn better when working with your hands or videos. Get more info videos are great for introductions to subjects. 

Tech skills

When you are learning online, you will do a lot of things to support that learning. Research online, creating and editing files, shortcuts on keyboards to make the workflow smoother, time management and more. 

You might be surprised how many skills you’ll use with your online learning. 


No matter how much or little time you have, even time spent in aeroplanes can be used to your benefit when it comes to online learning. It is fast and efficient and can fit around all of the things you need or want to do. 


Learning can come at a premium; luckily, there are so many different ways that you can access courses online for free. Although sometimes you’ll need to pay for certification at the end or for follow-up courses, most often, the initial intro or even the whole course can be free. 

Learning online opens up a whole world of subjects, and you can choose anything that interests you. It’s fast, efficient, and perfect for those who like to travel and expand their mind in more ways than one. 

Many of us put off earning something new because of confidence, but online learning is something you can do for you: Is It Time To Do Something For Yourself? | Caravan Sonnet

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