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February 1, 2023

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Happy Wednesday friends! I am so excited to share an exciting new adventure with y'all! This has been a dream of mine for nearly a decade! I am so exited to announce and introduce... 

Mettle Magazine, the Magazine for Lyme Warriors!!

Bach when I first wrote Praying through Lyme Disease in 2014 I had secret dreams about providing hopeful and encouraging resources for Lyme patients. At the time that I wrote Praying through Lyme Disease there were no other books or resources that were available like that for Lyme Patients. I have often said in interviews that I wrote a book that was something my heart desperately needed at that time. Subsequently the following books, When Light Dawns, When Hope Restores, and When Truth Refreshes were all things that I hoped would be an encouragement to others as I myself walked through the Lyme Disease journey. 

I knew that I wanted to continue to provide these types of resources but was prayerfully considering timing. One of the things that I have been working on for the last nine years has been the dream of having a magazine for Lyme patients specifically. 

During the journey and intense treatment I did not have the capacity for doing this so I continued to wait for the time that would be best for this special project. As I have healed and settled into life after Lyme (*tears of joy*), I am so excited to have energy to pour into this project with lots of empathy and compassion after having walked the journey. 

So welcome to Mettle Magazine! Issue One will release in May 2023!!

Want to contribute to Mettle? Please read the guidelines below:


Inspired by a word from the 1500s and the French definition of "courage", Mettle Magazine is a Magazine specifically designed for Lyme Warriors. Mettle Magazine attempts to foster the global exchange of diverse ideas and experiences of all patients from around the world as Lyme Disease is a global pandemic.

The battle for a Lyme Warriors health is difficult, demanding, and often isolating. Yet, Lyme Warriors are spirited and resilient, persevering under demanding circumstances that take all of their determination and resolve. As patients conquer the "unknowns" of what lies ahead with their physical and mental health, healing, relationships, professional lives, families, and personal responsibilities Mettle Magazine will inspire Lymies to face one day at a time. 

Your struggle is not for nothing. 

Your mettle is acknowledged. 

Your bravery is admired. 

Your courage is seen.

There is an impact of living a life with mettle. Mettle whose strength is not in demanding our own rights or ability to cope for ourselves, but for others. Mettle that touches the hearts of others who are in pain. Mettle is having the spirit to believe that no matter the circumstances (or the evidence) there is always hope to be found. 

As such, we are seeking submissions in photography, art, encouraging thoughts, practical tips, stories, essays, book reviews, music suggestions, poems, and dispatches that embody a strong sense of METTLE: 

(1) a person's ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way
(2) the ability to meet a challenge or persevere under demanding circumstances; determination or resolve
(3) vigor and strength of spirit or temperament
(4) quality of temperament or disposition

PLEASE NOTE: These stories are to be written for Lyme warriors at all different stages of their journey, but to be considered MUST embody the mettle definition above and have a thread of hope in them. 

PLEASE NOTE: With the high interest and submissions only those creators, authors, designers, and photographers selected will be notified.


  • MAY ISSUE: Deadline- March 1 (Topics Accepted: Lyme disease awareness month/summer/early fall focus) [Response: April 15th]
  • OCTOBER ISSUE: Deadline- August 1 (Topics Accepted: late fall/ holiday/winter focus) [Response: September 15th]

DISPATCHES: All dispatch submissions are accepted year-round.

IMAGES: We are currently accepting unsolicited submissions for images or art.


Thank you so much for all of your love, support, and excitement for this magazine!!

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