is a flat roof a good choice for your home?

February 23, 2023

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Whether you’re renovating your property or building a dream home from scratch, you’ll come across a particular conundrum. What type of roofing system should you adopt? Will you go for a typical pitched roof, or are you feeling different? These days, flat roof systems are growing in popularity, ditching the pitched style for a more modern look. The question is, are flat roofs good or bad? Should you upgrade your home with one, or are they worth avoiding? Let’s find out!

Flat Roof Benefits

What are the good elements of a flat roof for your home?

  • Cheap to install - Any decent roof replacement company can handle a flat roof installation with no issues. Because they’re flat instead of pitched, less work has to go into installing them. It’s also way more straightforward, so the job is done faster, meaning it costs less. 

  • High levels of energy efficiency - The flat nature of the roofing system means it is better at absorbing heat and insulating it. As a consequence, these roofs are drastically more energy efficient as it’s harder for heat to escape. You also don’t have issues like roof shingles falling off and creating air gaps. 

  • Easy maintenance - Maintaining and cleaning a pitched roof is hard because it’s sloped at an angle. In fact, it’s dangerous and most people are advised not to attempt any maintenance themselves. With a flat roof, you can literally climb onto the roof and clean it yourself without worrying about slipping off. This lets you keep the roof in excellent condition and reduces the cost of maintenance over a lifetime. 

Flat Roof Drawbacks

Are flat roof systems perfect? No! There are some drawbacks to consider when compared to a traditional pitched roof system: 

  • Drainage problems - Ah, yes. A flat roof means there are no slopes for water to drain down. In turn, you may get pools of water and drainage issues when it rains. If you live somewhere that sees a lot of rainfall, this might not be a good roofing option!

  • Not as visually appealing - There’s something very beautiful about a nice pitched roof. The ability to choose your roofing tile style also means you can create an attractive roof that adds curb appeal. By contrast, flat roofs are a bit boring. They don’t look as nice - particularly if the entirety of your roofing is flat. 

  • Shorter lifespans - Despite the fact you can conduct roof maintenance with ease, flat roofs have shorter lifespans than other roofing styles. Most need to be replaced every 15 years, which is incredibly short when you think about it. 

When you consider both arguments, it’s clear that flat roofs aren’t ideal for everyone. In most cases, a pitched roof will be the better option, especially if you want your home to look nice and have no drainage problems. 

Having said that, adding a flat roof to part of your home can be a nice touch. For example, if you have an extension on the side of your home, installing a flat roof can juxtapose your pitched one and look really nice together. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference!

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