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February 23, 2023

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Happy Thursday friends! 

I am so excited to share with y'all a new Etsy shop that I have been dreaming about and planning for a couple of years that is now live: The Lyme BoutiqueThe Lyme Boutique is a shop with products specifically for Lyme Disease patients and those who love them! Cozy, practical, and encouraging, each of these items are curated to inspire joy and hope in every part of your life as you courageously fight Lyme Disease or walk alongside a loved one who is battling Lyme.

As I have healed from the Lyme Disease journey I prayed about how to best encourage those still in the battle. I have found that sharing my story, advocating for better medical treatment and testing and living a life honoring all of those who helped me heal is one of the greatest gifts. At the same time my heart resonates with those deeply discouraged in the battle which is where the Lyme Boutique dream started.

There are currently no other shops that are dedicated solely to help those with Lyme Disease or the caregivers who love them. I am so excited to open this new shop!

I hope that you will stop by the shop, which is truly an extension of my heart. Every single purchase is truly a gift and a blessing and I am so grateful for your sweet support of this shop. I have written this in my books and on this blog, but I was correctly and accurately diagnosed with Lyme Disease after seeing over 273 different doctors. The battle for my life and health (after several well known medical facilities and hospitals told me I had only months to live) was some of the most painful and difficult years I have ever walked through. Like many Lyme patients it was one of the most isolating experiences and my desire to encourage other Lyme patients started with my first book, "Praying through Lyme Disease" published in 2014. Since then that little book has been translated into ten different languages and other encouraging Lyme books followed.

This shop will also be helping other Lyme patients! Each purchase gives a percentage to helping other Lyme patients financially in the future with providing scholarships to help cover the cost of the treatment for this disease.
caravan sonnet
Each week new items will be added and I have so many new things coming throughout this year! 

Click HERE to go to the shop! Thank you again for all of your support of The Lyme Boutique!

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