Is It Time To Do Something For Yourself?

April 5, 2019

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Many people think that by doing something for themselves, they are selfish. When actually, it’s the opposite. Making time for yourself allows you to support other people in the best way. You will be no help to anyone if you have used all your energy on looking after other people. Self-care is the answer to stress, as it builds resilience enabling you to cope with challenges better.

Life Is Short
You never want to be looking back on your life with regret, so remember to be grateful for what you have and you can transform your life just by maintaining a positive outlook on it. Making time to take care of your body, take pride in your achievements, and value your contribution to the world around you as this will help you to be happy.

Self-fulfilment Make You Self-Awareness
Loving who you are and taking time to care for yourself is really important. To make yourself feel happy, you need to know what makes you feel comfortable and happy and what makes you feel sad and out of sorts.

You’ll Inspire Others
People often underestimate the influence they have on their friends, family members, and coworkers, but when you make a change in your life, everyone around you will notice. If you can’t make time for yourself, you can’t look after anyone else correctly. Your relationships are a reflection of the person you are, and those closest to you will recognize your capacity to love (or lack thereof). When you learn to take care of yourself, you will eventually attract others who can do the same.

So, What Does Doing Something For Yourself Look Like?
This will differ from person to person. Listen to that voice inside of you to find out what makes you feel content and what it is you want for yourself.

If you’ve been putting your family first all this time and not even thought about yourself then now is the time to work out what it is you want. What was it you wanted ten or twenty years ago? Has that changed or did you just put it to one side? Whatever it is is, it’s likely that it is going to be easier to accomplish now as over the last twenty years the development in technology has made most things far more accessible. You can now study to be a nurse online with an nnp program; you can learn a language on an app, you can show people your talents and start a business from making Youtube videos or blogging. There are so many opportunities. If you want to take up a sport or go to a class then chances are you can find out about one online, or perhaps you want to meet a significant other but never had the time to go out and do that, now you can get swiping from your phone to see if there’s anyone decent out there.

Don’t put yourself last any longer, make some time for you and do something worthwhile with it. You deserve it.

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