Top Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

February 9, 2023

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Whether it is to change the way you look, improve your mental health, or just to become a better version of yourself, exercise is an important part of having a healthy lifestyle that many people include in their daily schedules. However, there are several mistakes that a lot of people still make. 

Lack of recovery time

When exercising or going to the gym, most people will have a set amount of days where they will exercise and then other days that are designated rest days. This is to allow your body to recover, especially if you are pushing your boundaries. Some people ignore this crucial part of exercising and will instead try to push past the pain and fatigue. This is not recommended as you risk burnout and injury. Make sure if you are exercising a lot, that you give yourself ample time to recover too.

Thinking that exercise will solve everything

When you base any physical goals on exercise alone, this only leads to overexercising and neglecting a whole range of other things. Exercise should be used in combination with sleep, recovery, food, mental health, and much more. This is important if you want the exercise to have the desired effect. If you are counting on other things, just as a diet or medication, like those from Recovery Delivered, they can only be effective if you lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Lifting too heavy

For many people lifting heavy weights is a goal, and chasing the achievement of hitting personal bests can become addictive. This is all fine to do, providing that you have been trained correctly and have a solid knowledge of lifting weights. Mistakes happen when you are not well informed and lift too heavy, too soon. So, if you are planning on lifting heavy weights, make sure that you seek some help and guidance from an experienced person before you overdo it and leave yourself with a long painful recovery. 

Doing the wrong type of cardio for you

A form of exercise that is extremely common, yet also disliked by many is running. A lot of people think that running is the best and sometimes the only form of cardio available, and ends up discouraging many people due to various health conditions. But in fact, there are many other ways in which you can do cardio, most surprisingly by just walking on an incline. Not only is this just as effective as running, but you are much less likely to injure yourself. 

Not doing the exercise properly

If you start exercising with weights or moving your body in new ways that you haven’t before, you should ensure that you know what you are doing and the implications of doing the exercises incorrectly. If you don’t take time to learn how to exercise properly, then you are opening yourself up to becoming injured due to the lack of knowledge you have surrounding the subject. 

In conclusion, if you regularly exercise or are planning to start exercising more, make sure that you avoid these mistakes.

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