Top Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

September 13, 2022

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Winter brings cold weather, strong winds, and lots of rain. If your property is not prepared for winter, you might find that your energy bills skyrocket, and you suffer from a range of problems such as leaks, cold draughts, and much more. This is the last thing you want to have to deal with in the winter. 

There are many things you can change inside your home, ready for the winter. But it is also important to take time to prepare the exterior for the winter months. 

Here are some top tips to help you get started. 

#1 Clear your gutters and drains 

Across the year, your gutters and drains will begin to build up with leaves, mud, and debris. This can become problematic in the winter, as the gutters and drains will not be able to do their jobs properly and drain excess water. Instead, it will hold onto the water and it can begin to impact your property. You might find that water leaks into the structure and compromises the foundations, you have a leak, or you begin to find damp and mold around your property. Make sure you clear your gutters and drains before the winter, and make sure they are clear every year. If you have any problems, you can hire a specialist who will fix your gutters for you. 

#2 Make sure your boiler is in good condition 

The condition of your boiler is vital for a warm and cozy winter. The temperature in winter can drop substantially, and if your boiler is broken, you will find that you are stuck with no heating or hot water, which can be detrimental to your health. You may also find it is more expensive to repair once it is broken, and energy companies are extremely busy over the winter, so you will be waiting a very long time for it to get fixed. Make sure you get your boiler serviced regularly and before winter comes. 

#3 Fix your windows and door frames

Extreme wet weather and cold temperatures can cause the wood on your windows to expand and even rot, which is why you must invest some time in treating the wood before winter to help prevent this from happening. If you find any cracks or weak wood along your door frames or windows, make sure you fill these in and re-paint them with protection. This will stop cold air from leaking in, and ensure they withstand the winter months. 

#4 Obtain insurance

Unfortunately, you never know what the winter months will bring. With the weather changing rapidly each year, and the cost of living crisis, you must obtain insurance before the winter. This will be helpful if anything goes wrong or there is damage to your property, and ensure that you can get it fixed quickly and without putting yourself in debt. It will provide you with peace of mind during some of the most difficult months of the year. 

Winter can cause a lot of problems, especially if your home is not prepared. Make sure you are ready for winter by following these top tips.

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