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September 16, 2022

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Happy Friday friends! Today I am honored to share something that several of you have asked on how you can support. This is a go fund me that has been created for my mom for her upcoming knee surgery at Hospital of Special Surgery in NYC.

If you would like to donate you can go HERE to the Go Fund Me Page!

As some of you are aware my mom has waited to have knee surgery as she spent an extremely difficult decade of helping to take care of me in my prolonged battle with Cancer and Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease, and then our family experienced the heartbreaking and unexpected loss of our father in May 2019. My parents were on the verge of their 50th wedding anniversary in August and this has been the most painful thing for my mom. Then less than 2 years later my mom lost her mom and best friend. As she has continued to heal from these events she made the decision to courageously move forward with having knee surgery as she is in constant pain (NEVER complaining) and has extreme difficulty walking, even with her cane.

This summer we also found out that this surgery is even more crucial as my mom's left knee (which has bothered her for years) has a ripped tendon that is not possible to repair and affects her ability to walk and climb any stairs or steps. This made this knee surgery on her right knee even more crucial so that she can return to a normal life of movement and without pain. Her surgeon is incredible and has given an excellent recovery prognosis.

She will be having surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC (approximately 5 hours away from our home). We are grateful for their expertise (they are number 1 in the country for this type of surgery) and the incredible kindness and help we have already received from them.

I have had so many people ask how they can practically support us or help support my mom as we approach surgery. She does NOT know yet that we are holding this fundraiser for her and I would like to help offset the financial burden that she is facing with surprising her with this help which would be an incredible gift. The estimate for the entire surgery (after insurace and including travel) is approximately $10000 and we would like to help offset her costs and help with raising $2500.

Some of the planned costs of the $10000 include:
Approximate Surgery Costs (after insurance): $5000
Post Op Surgery Supplies: $500
Travel: $4500
  • Hotel Stay in City (HSS hotel with patient discount total for 10 days plus parking): $3500
  • Hotel Stay for travel down and back (outside city to save money): $400
  • Gas for trip down and Back for surgery: $250
  • Food (we will be cooking ahead and cooking our own food in the hotel to save money in the city as there is a small grocery store near by and a kitchenette in the hotel room): $250
  • Food for travel down and back: $100

I understand that there are so many people who are going through so many different things so I appreciate your kindness in joining with us to help her.

Please share this with those that know our mom and most of all we appreciate your support and love of our family over this last decade and the suffering journey that we have walked.

If you would like to donate you can go HERE to the Go Fund Me Page!

With a grateful heart,

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