Managing A Vacation When You Have A Dog

September 20, 2022

 You might be thinking about booking a family vacation, however, you own a dog. A lot of people are very quick to make the decision to get a pet pooch without thinking long term. If you decide to go on vacation then you will need to think about what will happen to your beloved family dog. If you are not able to ask your neighbors to look after them then you will need to take them with you or look into other alternatives. Check out the article below on how to manage a vacation when you have a dog. 

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Something else to consider is a staycation. If you don’t want to venture very far or hop on a plane with your pooch, then a staycation is the way to go. It is always nice to get away and spend time with your dog as they are also part of your family. Take a look at dog-friendly destinations near to where you live. 

Boarding Options

If you don’t want to or you simply can’t take your dog away with you then how about looking into dog boarding options. There are plenty of options and places out there for you to check out. You want to be sure you pick the right one and that your dog isn’t going to be living outdoors in kennels for two weeks while you are away. Dog boarding facilities usually keep your dogs inside and will give them unlimited cuddles and walks so you know they are well cared for. Occasionally, there will also be a social media page you can follow with your pets daily activities. 


If you own a caravan, then this could be a wonderful choice for your next vacation. You don’t have to pay for accommodation seeing as you will be staying in your caravan, so you only end up having to pay for the site you end up parking in. Your dog can come with you without any hassle, meaning that you don’t have to leave them behind or worry about getting documents to take with you. 

Pet Passport 

If you want to take your pet with you but you plan to go abroad, you need to get your pet their own passport. Pet passports do exist despite some people thinking that they don’t, and you will need to purchase one in order to take your dog out of the country. To do this, you will need to take your pet to the vet so that they can check them over, and you may be asked for information such as vaccination records as well to be able to obtain this document. 

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you can do to manage a vacation when you have a dog. There are plenty of different options as you can see, and one of them will be sure to suit you. We hope that you have a lovely time on your vacation!

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