Preparing to Move From One Home to Another

September 23, 2022

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Moving home is a complex process. This isn’t all too surprising when you consider that it entails packing up literally everything you own and moving it from one space to another. The majority of spend our time building up a lot of belongings - some that we need, some that we don’t - so that becomes a lot of weight to carry. Add this to moving being an emotional process, as you wave goodbye to one stage of your life and welcome in another, it’s not all too surprising that many people can find it pretty overwhelming. Here are some top tips that should help to simplify the process and lighten the load for you!


Start your moving process by decluttering the home you’re moving out of. As we briefly touched on above, many of us have all sorts of belongings that we neither want nor need when it comes to moving home. Take some time to sift through everything and to determine what belongings you’re planning on keeping and which can go. This will prevent you from having to lug around things you don’t even want and may not get any further use out of. Once you’ve decided the items that are going, try to sell them, donate them to charity or recycle them.


Start packing sooner rather than later. Invest in quality boxes - cheaper boxes often can’t hold much weight and end up collapsing or falling through mid-move, which is extremely inconvenient. Pack belongings neatly and tidily. Where possible, pack in an organised manner, labelling boxes so you can see what’s inside each when you get to your new home. Also make sure that you don’t overload boxes. Extremely heavy boxes can be very difficult to shift.

Look Into Removal Experts

Whether you’re moving locally or doing cross country moving, you need to make sure that you use removal experts. These professionals know how to move your belongings safely and easily with minimal damage. If any damage were to occur, they would be insured so that you can claim and repair or repurchase items. This really lifts a weight from your shoulders - quite literally. Very few people would be able to move large furniture or appliances themselves.

Preparing the New Home

If you have a cross over period where you have access to your old property and your new property at the same time, take advantage of this. Prepare and decorate your new property before moving all of your things in. This will make laying down new flooring a lot easier, as there’s nothing in the way, and can also make painting walls and ceilings easier, as you aren’t going to damage anything with splashes or splatters of paint.

Settling In

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to unpack everything immediately. Give yourself time to settle in and unpack at your own pace. This will set a much better mood for your new home.

These simple steps can make all the difference when it comes to moving home. Hopefully, some will come in useful and make your journey that bit more pleasant and stress-free!

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