summer ig reel recap

September 7, 2022


caravan sonnet

Happy Wednesday friends! First, THANK YOU so much for all of the love, support, messages, comments, and kindness on my instagram reel today! You have NO idea how much that meant to me! Thank you so much... I am so grateful for your support! If you missed it, you can watch it by clicking HERE!

The reel is a compilation of pictures from the summer. I loved the creative aspect of showing these months with highlight pics in this way and with this music and particular song (from THIS album). Thank you for those who have checked in faithfully and supported me. Thank you for loving us through one of the most difficult summers...and one of the most miraculous.

If your summer was like ours... I pray that you have clung to the good and miraculous in the midst of the hard. My heart and prayers are with you right now. 

ALSO... Thanks so much for liking, saving, commenting, and sharing my IG things! You may wonder why this is important, but it really is a blessing! Thank you so much again!

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