Road Trip Ideas for the Summer

March 5, 2022

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If you love to get out on the road and blow the winter cobwebs away, then start planning your summer road trip. The great thing about road trips is they give you the chance to explore a country without feeling like you're stuck in tourist traps. Here are some iconic ones to try. 

Route 66 

Probably one of the best well-known road trips in the world, this summer is a great time to plan an iconic road trip through the USA. Route 66 is an all-weather road that scratches 2400 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles; along the way, you will take in eight other fascinating US States.   

This road trip will take you through many types of landscapes, towns, cities, and national parks. It's best to fly into Chicago and hire an RV for the road trip, then fly home from LA or enjoy California. Ensure your health is optimized for the trip with adequate health care and services. By keeping your body in good shape, you'll reduce your chances of accidents like slip and falls.

Amalfi Coast 

Amalfi Coast is located in the south of Italy; the region is usually only accessible by ferry and bus, but it's possible to access the area from surrounding cities such as Naples, Rome, Florence, and Milan. Italy is a wonderful location to visit due to its scenery and local culture. 

Set aside a week or two for your road trip vacation and enjoy some time in southern Italy; here, you can enjoy the stunning scenery, local beaches and exquisite food that will encourage you to come again. With a vehicle, it's easy to get around and visit some of the authentic local towns.   

North Coast 500 

Scotland might not be at the top of your vacation list for this summer, but there are many excellent reasons for a visit. These days, you don't have to limit yourself to the lower half of the country that contains the major town and cities and many of the iconic sightseeing activities. 

Why not take a road trip in the country this summer on the recently opened North Coast 500. This road trip is around 500 miles long and stretches across the northern highlands. This is your chance to explore the magical northern landscape where you can see the northern lights.    

Great Ocean Road

Everyone must visit Australia at some point in their lives, the country is often forgotten about because of its proximity and the length of the flight, but Australia is a special place that your need to add to your road trip bucket list. There are many road trips to try down under. 

That said, if you go to the trouble of travelling to Australia, you might want to take a trip on the most iconic road trip of them all. That is the Great Ocean Road, which takes in some of Australia's most iconic landscapes. Don't miss out on anything with the Great Ocean Road.   

Iceland Ring Road 

Iceland is famous for outdoor bathing and Bjork, but now there is an iconic road trip as well. If you love Scandinavian countries, then Iceland is one you must visit. So fly to Reykjavik, hire a vehicle and head off on Iceland'sIceland's Ring Road that takes you around the entire island. 

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