Going Abroad? Spend Safely When You Get There

March 8, 2022

 There’s nothing more fun than going abroad, but thankfully the world has come a very long way since the days of travellers cheques! There are many ways that people can now spend money while they’re abroad, and learning all of these before you board a plane is going to help you massively while you’re travelling. 

There is so much information about how to book a holiday and which airlines to choose and which hotels are really going to be impressive. The clear thing that you should do is learn how you can be as safe as possible when you get there. A business may use a NFC card reader, or they may choose to only accept cash. Understanding exactly how you can be safe when you’re abroad is going to ensure that you are as confident as possible while you’re on your way to seeing the world. Here are some of the ways that you can do it!

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  1. Stick to cash. It’s easy, it’s convenient, you can see what you’re spending and when, and you can keep track of your money. Many travellers still prefer to take cash with them when they go abroad, but the one thing that you have to be mindful of is if the businesses in the place you’re travelling to may prefer you to use things like contactless or chip and pin. If that’s the case, cash might not be the right option.

  2. Credit card. One of the best solutions for travellers is to stick with credit cards when they travel. You can ring fence your spending while you’re there and you can use your credit card to pay your way while you’re in a new country. Credit cards are, however, a form of borrowing. So, only go this route if you're confident you can pay it all back in the end!

  3. Prepaid debit cards. If you don't want to get into any debt, you can choose a card like the Revolut to load money onto and exchange into the right currency for the country you’re visiting. You can prepay a debit card and ensure that you have access to the money as you need it. You can even link some of these cards to an app.

  4. Use your regular debit card. You can continue to use your usual debit card but be mindful of international transaction fees. You can let your bank know you’re going abroad and they can tell you what the fees will be to use your debit card. You don't want to be stung with multiple charges so knowledge is key here.

  5. Avoid being ripped off. If you want to spend your money safely, you need to work on how you could possibly be ripped off while overseas and then work on avoiding all of the possible scams and issues when you’re abroad. 

Once you know how to spend your money abroad, you can ensure that you are safe from losing your hard-earned cash!

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