Plans You Should Be Making Ahead Of The Move

March 22, 2022

 Before you start thinking about what you’re going to need for that new home, make sure that you take the time to look at the moving process, first. If you want to keep things as low stress as possible, then here are the tips that you should keep in mind.

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A supply run is crucial

You’re going to need more than a few supplies to make sure that you’re able to pack and move everything. This includes boxes to keep the items, padding and blankets for security, and tape to hold it together. You might be able to get some of them for free, such as boxes from local stores. You might be able to find even more through sharing networks like Freecycle, if you’re willing to wait for them to appear.

Pack in advance

The longer you leave it to start packing, the more that you will have to scramble to get things ready in time. Start preparing boxes around the home ASAP, packing things by the room. Decide on the things you’re not going to need right now and pack them, leaving behind the things that you’re much more likely to leave until you’re finally able to put away your more everyday items.

What to do with items you’re not bringing

Downsizing your move can make it much easier to manage and more affordable, to boot. However, you need to think about what you do with the items that you’re not bringing. You can sell some and donate others, but what about items that you don’t necessarily want to get rid of but don’t have a place in your new home? Self-storage solutions like SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc. might be the key. You can keep hold of more of your items until you decide on their final place.

Hire your moving company in advance

The sooner that you get to know what items you’re bringing, the sooner you can hire your moving company. They’re going to need to know, roughly, how much that you’re bringing with you. Wait too long to hire a moving team and you can find their availability dwindling, to the point that you might even have to do it yourself or at least pay over what you should to make use of them.


Get your boxes organized

You should be thinking about what you can do to make it easier to unpack on the other side of things, as well. To that end, you should be organizing your boxes, using labels like those shown at Tag-A-Room. With colored labels, you can make it easy to see where they have to go at a glance. You can also mark boxes that have fragile items in them so that you and your moving team handle them a little more gently.

With the tips above, you can do a lot to make your move a lot less demanding. Moving day is always going to be somewhat stressful. It’s a big deal, after all. But taking some of the work out of it can make things much more manageable.

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