5 Easy Steps to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

March 21, 2022

 Pets can bring a lot of joy and meaning to our lives, there’s just something so rewarding about pet ownership. However, they can also be a source of stress. If you have pets at home, it is important to make your home pet-friendly so that they are not stressed out and can enjoy their time with you. 

This isn’t only to help them out with feeling less stressed but having a pet-friendly home that perfectly accommodates your fur baby will also help you out as well. You’ll feel less stressed, your home can stay clean, and there’s less of a chance of damage. So how can you create a pet-friendly home?

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Step 1. Talk to Your Vet About Ways to Make a Pet-Friendly Home

It is important to know that there are certain things you can do to make your home pet friendly. These include making sure that your pet has enough space, keeping the temperature comfortable, and keeping the house clean. Since the pet is a part of the family, it’s better than to just do a bunch of research online. Have a talk with your vet. They know about the living habits of most species and they’ll definitely know about making your pet feel right at home.

Step 2. Understand the Health and Safety Concerns of Pets in the Home

While your vet can raise some awareness for you, only you know your home. Is there anything in your home that could potentially be considered dangerous for your pet? Loose cords? Anything sharp? Think about this thoroughly. While the actual home itself has great importance, don’t forget to put emphasis on the environment. This includes how loud it is at home. What you’re feeding your furry friend such as walmart pet food, how much attention they get from their owners, and how they’re putting out their energy.

Step 3. Find Ways to Reduce Pet Stress in Your Home without Imposing on the Environment

Any possibility that something is stressing out your pet? This can include certain items, the layout, and even the volume of the home. If your pet is feeling stressed, try to take a good look at your home to see what can be changed.

Step 4. Create a Safe and Fun Space for Pets with Activities for Them to Do

Pets can be very active and playful creatures. They can also be a source of stress for their owners. This is why it is important to provide them with safe activities for them to do to create a fun and safe space for them. Ideas include:

- Providing lots of toys and food bowl options so they have something new every day

- Providing different types of beds so they have options on where they want to sleep

- Providing some type of activity that will help train them

Humans like to have options on what’s going to make them feel the most comfortable, and the very same can be said about pets too.

Step 5. Choose Common Household Treatments you Want All Pets to Have Access To

Pets are a part of our lives and they deserve to be taken care of. Here are some household treatments that I think all pets should have access to. All dogs and cats should have access to a doggy door so they can roam around the house freely. It helps them feel less confined and more comfortable. All cats should have access to litter boxes. But these should extend further than just the basic things a cat and a dog need. 

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