Covid Numbers Are Rising - Here's How To Prepare For Spring

March 29, 2022

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While it’s true that the chaos of the news in recent months and weeks has almost led many of us to forget about Covid-19 or its associated impacts, the pandemic is far from over. Many countries now state that this is something we need to live with, as vaccination programs become cyclical and medicines like anti-viral pills are being pushed by certain countries, including the current Biden administration.

Now that spring is on its way and the warmer weather inspires more socialization, and in many countries, societal restrictions have been totally uncoupled, it’s worth considering the best ways to prepare for Spring and the degree to which this might be possible in your own life.

This way, we can help avoid any unnecessary exposure or at least prepare ourselves should we catch the virus. While catching the virus may not be entirely preventable forever, with a little diligence and stocking up on your at home Covid test units, you’ll no doubt find a worthwhile compromise:

Consider Events Worth Attending

It can be worthwhile to attend a fun event from time to time, but it might be that taking a backseat depending on what numbers are like in your region is cautious and worthwhile. For instance, you might decide to opt for a side box at the theatre, or you might attend mostly outdoor events rather than large conventions with thousands of people. This is totally up to you of course, and your level of comfort depending on your health and additional needs.

Teach Your Children How To Be Responsible

It’s good to make sure our children are reminded how to behave in a responsible manner, such as washing their hands regularly, wearing a mask if asked to and keeping them on hand, not being in such close proximity with others, and if they feel uncomfortable, leaving a situation if necessary. Keeping them informed regarding how you plan to handle and prepare for the chance of exposure can help them follow suit. Depending on their age, a secondary or even booster vaccination may be available to them, and so this could be a good way to protect them in the mid term.

Exercise & Keep Vitamin D Levels Up

It’s good to exercise of course, but being in good shape and with a trained cardiovascular system can truly help you shake off the illness should you catch it. Keeping up your vitamin D levels at an appropriate level for you (in most cases 4,000 - 6,000 IU’s supplemented a day can be worthwhile - but be sure to speak to your doctor before doing that), can also help your immune system greatly, and has been proven to be a vital boost in the fight against Covid. If you can balance those aims, you’ll be in the best shape going forward.

With this advice, we believe you’ll prepare for Spring in the best possible manner, despite Covid case numbers rising. It just takes a little common sense and the willingness to apply precautions you deem relevant.

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