After Your Move: 5 Things You Need for Your New Home

August 21, 2019

It's no secret moving is stressful. From getting organized to packing and unpacking (and unpacking some more), the entire process ranks up there with some of the most high-pressure events in our lives. In fact, a survey by SpareFoot found that 31 percent of respondents said they had their worst arguments with their significant other while moving.
According to the same study, 58 percent of respondents said moving with a companion is a bigger challenge than planning a wedding. Knowing this, take some of the stress out of moving and arm yourself with a plan to eliminate as much stress as possible.
Here are five crucial things you need for your new home to make moving a success story:
1. Signature Furniture
Buying furniture for a new home is more than just buying a couch or bed and calling it a day. Instead, you should be making intentional and careful choices about your new pieces and focus on signature furniture. Your seating area, dining area and bedroom all require a selection of furniture you will likely live with for years.
With this in mind, make it count by choosing stylish furniture that is both easy to clean and offers some added functionality. For example, an ottoman or bed frame with additional storage adds more organization to your room. Likewise, a sectional sofa can add more seating to a smaller room. Just add a colorful rug to anchor your new look in vibrant style.
2. Lighting
Whether we're reading or dining with loved ones, having the right lighting in our homes not only helps us get through the day, but it can also dramatically impact our moods. According to research and reporting by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, being around natural light in the morning and evening can decrease depression as well as improve mood, energy, alertness and productivity.
Additionally, blue-enriched light bulbs can also help boost our moods if natural light isn't available. Optimize your new home’s lighting by choosing window treatments that welcome the light or add mirrors across from windows to create the illusion of more light. Once your natural lighting strategy is in place, choose plenty of lamps and overhead fixtures that allow for optimal light to flood into your home.
3. Organizational Tools
A carefully curated home full of your favorite decor and furniture only goes so far. Conversely, a cluttered, disorganized home can make your space look uninspired and chaotic. Focus on building out those core organizational tools and pieces around your home to keep your rooms looking fresh.
For example, carefully select side tables and shelving units, and showcase your keepsakes and books without letting clutter take over. Grab baskets, bins and other organizers that look like part of the decor to hold those extra blankets, board games and kitchen gadgets without overwhelming your space.
4. A Deep Clean
Treat your new home to a deep clean that gives your space a total refresh. From top to bottom, ask your cleaning team to pay attention to cabinets and baseboards to ensure all dust and moving grime is removed.
Additionally, get your windows sparkling clean to let in as much light as possible, and get rid of moving boxes and litter to make your home look organized. Finally, take advantage of your deep clean and throw a housewarming party to show off your new space without stress.

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5. Emergency Kit
Moving comes with a multi-page to-do list that never seems to end. But don’t forget to add those essential post-move-in items like an emergency preparedness kit. Grab a bin or basket and add a first-aid kit, flashlight and extra batteries, bottled water and protein bars in case of a long-term power outage or emergency.
It’s also wise to keep a copy of your utilities and credit card information in a safe place. After all, when the Internet goes down or an emergency pops up, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips to get the issue resolved.
Make Moving a More Positive Experience
With the right mindset and plan in place, moving doesn’t have to be so stressful. From choosing the right furniture to preparing yourself for anything, turn your next move into a positive experience.
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