How To Eat A Pound Of Greens Every Day

March 17, 2021

 Eating a pound of greens every day sounds like an impossible challenge. How on Earth is somebody supposed to sit down and eat five bags of salad or a couple of heads of broccoli? Impossible, right? 

Well, you’d be surprised. It turns out that there are a large number of people who get more than 16 ounces of greens every day. And they do it without side effects like gas or even monotony. 

So what’s their secret? How do you actually eat that many greens? 

Turn Your Lunch Into A Massive Salad

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Many of the healthiest people in the world turn their lunches into massive salads. They take a big bag of low-oxalate greens, like lettuce or kale, and then just mix it with dressing and other veggies. 

Getting your greens this way is perhaps the most challenging method, but it can also be exceptionally tasty. Mixing warm roasted butternut squash and adding a tahini and lemon dressing can totally change the experience. The acid in the dressing helps to break down some of the tough cell walls of the greens, making the meal more delicious and nutritious. 

If you aren’t in the habit of eating massive salads, then you’ll need to work up to it. If you try to eat a pound of greens all in one go, your jaw will feel sore and you might wind up with gas. 

Start with a regular three-ounce bag of salad and then work your way up from there. Make your dressings from fresh nuts or nut butter, mixed fruits, and lemon squeeze. Try to avoid using oil. The culture believes that it’s healthy, but it’s not. 

Put Your Greens In A Smoothie

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The genius of smoothies is that they allow you to eat a massive quantity of veggies without feeling like that’s what you’re doing. When you fill-up your blender, it looks like more greens than you could reasonably eat in a week. But once the blades break it down into liquid form, it becomes so much more manageable. You can often get ten servings of veggies in a single meal. 

Cook Your Veggies In A Way You’ll Enjoy

Imagine if your veggies tasted as good as the rest of your food. You’d eat more of them, right? 

Well, it turns out that there are all sorts of ways to get more delicious vegetables in your diet. For instance, roasted veggies can taste amazing - even without any added salt or oil. You just place them on a baking sheet, set the oven to 200 C, and leave them for 35 minutes. The results are almost miraculous. 

You can also try adding veggies to your regular meals. So, for instance, if you love mac ‘n’ cheese, you could try adding broccoli to it to increase the nutritional value. 

Most nutritionists recommend eating veggies by whatever means possible. The more you include in your diet, the better off you’ll be. Don’t be afraid, therefore, to mix them into your less healthy meals. 

Make Greens The Center Of The Plate

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Here’s another tactic you can try: make greens the center of your plate. 

People who research the benefits of hemp flower often discover that it can help them relax, feel calmer, and reduce inflammation in their bodies. Interestingly, regular greens do something similar. Eating a plate of salad is one of the best things that you can do to improve your mood.

That’s why people who eat a lot of greens get into the habit of making them the center of the plate. They treat them a little bit like the “starch” component of the meal: rice, potato, pasta, and so on. So that way, they feel able to add massive quantities to their plates, without ever feeling like it is “too much.”

Eat Greens For Breakfast

Fitting a pound of greens into two meals - lunch and dinner - can be a challenge. So why not make them a breakfast staple? 

Eating greens for breakfast isn’t something people do regularly. But it is one of the best ways to increase your daily intake. Having a green smoothie in the morning can massively increase your total greens intake and provides you with more freedom later in the day over what you eat. 

Eating as many greens as you can, should be a priority in your life. Greens are a life-giving food that makes everything else you do so much pleasanter. Additionally, they can help you avoid health conditions and even slow the aging process itself. Start eating more of them today!

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