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March 15, 2021


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The southern states are known for amazing weather, hospitable people, and finger-licking food but there is so much more to the states that are home to 37% of Americans. The hot and humid climate of Florida makes it an ideal vacation spot, Tennessee is renowned for its fun locations and Alabama is home to some of the most historical events that have formed the nation.

Whether in a couple, treating your family, or enjoying a solo tour of the southern states, there are tons of things for you to enjoy but each state stands out for some things over others and are an essential part of any southern states visit.

Some of the best states to include on your vacation include:

  • Tennessee for fun

  • Alabama for history

  • Florida for relaxation

History is kept alive through entertainment means in Tennessee as well as being home to some unique theme parks and locations while Alabama is known for playing a key role in some of the most important events in USA history and Florida’s weather makes it a vital location for tropical relaxation.

Family Fun History Lessons

Tennesseans are renowned for their hospitality and warm welcome and the state is known for some of the best music ever created by icons such as Dolly Parton, Tim McGraw, and Tina Turner. Although Dolly Parton is world-famous for her amazing music, the Dollywood Parks of Pigeon Forge, 35 miles southeast of Knoxville, can be visited as one of the best Tennessee packages available.

As well as the theme park with typical rides, the company operates wildly popular dinner shows that provide tons of family fun, entertainment, history, and glorious food. The Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show, for example, gives a comedic glimpse of the famous American feud while The Comedy Barn puts on a family-friendly show with good, clean fun, and magic for the kids.

The Birthplace of a Movement

Regarded as the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement, Alabama has played, and still plays a significant role in shaping the United States and the people thereof. The rich history and natural features of the state mean that it can offer an important educational visit on issues such as race, geology, and modern science.

Part of Troy University, the Rosa Parks museum attracts around 55,000 visitors per year and holds a permanent exhibit dedicated to the woman who started a movement by refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man in a deeply segregated time. The museum holds factual information and artifacts about Miss. Parks herself and the times.  

Sun, Sea and Sand

The Sunshine State is so-called for a very good reason as the sun is well and truly out in Florida, shining on its residents and tourists alike, all day long. Because of this, the state is home to many family attractions and theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios but there are also numerous beaches and relaxation spots for the older tourists.

Fort Myers Beach offers stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico that you wouldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams. White sands and emerald green ocean provide the ultimate relaxation experience with some of the best-secluded vacation options available such as beachside cottages and resorts. Other areas to relax include the dolphin-rich Great Calusa Blueway or one of the many rental boats available for cruising the stunning waterways of Florida.

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