3 Simple Ways To Cope With Travel Anxiety

March 1, 2021


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Traveling is a great way to escape the daily norm. When you see more of something, it starts to feel casual and monotonous. Through travels, this bond breaks even if for a while.

Unfortunately, it is not the same for all. People who suffer anxiety attacks during their travels tend to dread the traveling experience.

  • Their hearts pound faster and stronger

  • Some sicken and diarrhea

  • Others are restless and easily agitated

No matter your symptoms, there are simple ways to manage your travel anxiety better so that you can enjoy traveling more.

Here are the best ones.

Identify Your Triggers

Triggers often differ among individuals. Perhaps you’re afraid of what flying might do to your body, while another is scared of even planning, let alone undertaking the journey.

No matter the signs you show, one thing that’s for sure is that you must first spot the triggers to better cope with the condition.

After all, you don’t want to live your life in one place just because you fear traveling, right?

Here’s how to correctly identify and manage the silent triggers in your life:

Listen to Your Mind and Body

A significant step to identifying your triggers is paying attention to situations that evoke anxious emotion. If the thought of boarding a plane scares the hell out of you, then it’s your silent trigger. 

Once you spot your trigger, it becomes easier to apply useful yet straightforward solutions such as CBD gummies for anxiety to manage fearful situations better.

Trace the Origin

Different situations in your life might cause you to develop anxiety attacks during your travels. Perhaps it’s due to an accident you encountered when you were little or a movie you saw that influenced your journey.

In any case, tracing the roots of your phobia for traveling is essential to coping altogether.

Develop Curiosity

Perhaps you may not identify your anxiety trigger immediately. However, develop a nose for knowing more about what silently triggers your fear of travels, and it will eventually come to you at the right time.

Plan for Any Scenario

Various scenarios like running out of money, getting lost, or falling ill while on a trip are enough to give you anxiety attacks. However, effective prior planning for such circumstances helps you feel more confident about going.

For example, if you’re afraid of running out of cash in a foreign land, carrying a credit card, or having an emergency dial number on standby will calm you down.

While it’s entirely impossible to stay on top of every situation completely, you can low-key effectively manage public panic attack by: 

Have a “Calming Down Kit”

This calm down kit briefly should include:

  • Essential oils

  • Smooth stones

  • Mints

  • Coloring book

These items slow down your breathing, leaving you calmer and connected to the present.

Get a Safe Space

The negative effect of a crowded place can trigger an attack. While it’s always tricky to safely get out of such situations, you have to drag yourself, if need be, to a quiet, calmer environment, preferably one with plenty of fresh air.

Stay Grounded

When you experience an anxiety attack in a public place and can’t get yourself out in time, it is best to stay where you are. During this time, perform routine care mechanisms such as slowing down your breathing by inhaling and exhaling in patterns and drinking a hot or cold beverage to soothe your emotions.

When you’re feeling all better, you can proceed with your traveling experience as scheduled.

Work With the Anxiety

Sometimes the best way to minimize the occurrence of your anxiety is to find common ground. At this point, you’ve accepted that panics are part of you and develop tricks to cope.

For example, if you realize and accept that flying alone is impossible, you can counter this by bringing a friend along with you.

Working together with your anxiety and not against it means:

Carrying Plenty Distractions

Find a way to get your mind busy or distracted, especially when traveling. You can listen to music during your flight, play video games or read a book. Whatever you do, ensure it shifts your mind from the thought of traveling.

Practice Relaxation

Although there are different ways to calm your body, mind, and spirit, very few beat meditation. With meditating, you can even do it silently while on a plane.

Chanting mantras, going for massages to relax muscles, and deep breaths are effective ways of relaxing.

Consider Treatment

If you’re seriously considering a life of travel, you can seek treatment options available. Therapy also helps cope with anxiety issues.

Final Thoughts

When you’re anxious, you barely enjoy any moment of your trip. If you’ve had a bad experience with anxiety during a trip, or struggle with the idea of traveling for the first time, use the above tips to manage anxiety better as you travel.

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