15 Clear Signs You Should Marry Your Partner

March 8, 2021

If you’re in a relationship, and pondering whether you have a future together, there are some very clear signs you should look out for. Many people end up marrying the wrong person - and some even end up ending a relationship with someone they could have gone the distance with. The dating landscape is super complicated these days, so if you want some evidence that your partner is ‘the one’ and you should marry them, read on.

  1. You’ve Both Discussed Marriage 

Are you even sure that your partner wants to get married? Perhaps you know that this is something you want in your future, but you haven’t confirmed that this is what you could both be heading towards. You’d be surprised at how many couples don’t discuss this in advance, only to have major arguments regarding it later on. Getting married is a big deal, and it’s not for everyone anymore. While many people do still want to have a big wedding, some people don’t want to have their relationship defined by a piece of paper. Make sure you know that this is something you both want! 

  1. You Both Have A Similar Vision For The Future

As well as marriage, you should make sure that you both have a similar vision for the future. Where would you like to live, in what sort of house? Would you like children, and how many? Again, you may love one another and want to get married, but problems will inevitably arise if you don’t make sure you have a similar vision for the future. You should both be on the same page before you spend all of that money on an expensive ceremony. 

  1. You Both Have Similar Beliefs And Values 

You don’t need to have the exact same beliefs and values, but it helps to be on a similar wavelength. If you both disagree about the big stuff, or fail to agree on what the big stuff is, then you will no doubt end up having arguments later on down the line. Although these things can be easily missed when you feel infatuated with somebody, they will come to light eventually. 

  1. You Communicate In A Healthy Way 

You and your partner are probably not always going to agree, no matter how good you are for one another. That’s why being able to communicate in a healthy way is a must. You should both want to work to come to a conclusion that suits you both, not try to get ‘one up’ on the other with point scoring and blaming. 

It can be really hard to communicate if this wasn’t demonstrated to you growing up. For most people, they watched their parents either scream at one another or act in passive aggressive ways. This rubs off, whether we know it or not. It can take time to undo your unhealthy communication patterns, but it’s worth it. 

If you feel like you’re always the one trying to communicate openly but your partner won’t budge, it could be time to let them go if they have no desire to change. 


  1. You Feel Secure In Your Relationship

Everyone should feel safe and secure in their relationship. If you trust them and know that they feel the same way about you, it’s a good sign. Usually, intuition is correct. If you have some lingering doubts or niggles in the back of your mind, you should address them before you even think about getting married. 

  1. You Both Speak One Another’s Love Language 

Everyone has a love language. Some people show their love by telling people with words how much they love them, and others buy gifts. People can even show and receive love in different ways. This is why it’s so important to understand your partner and their love language. Working to understand one another like this will ensure you both feel loved and cared for. You might think your partner isn't showing you the love you need, but they believe that they are. Once you are on the same page in terms of your love languages, you’ll likely stay on the lookout for truly engaging wedding invitations. Taking the time to explore how each person in the relationship gives and receives love could literally transform the relationship, bring couples closer together in no time, and fix many issues! 

  1. You Can Both Handle Money (And Talk About It)

Money can be another big problem in relationships. If one person is good with money but the other is in the habit of squandering it, you’ll likely end up butting heads. You should be able to talk about money, your financial situation, and any worries you have. Arguments about money are actually one of the most common arguments that couples have, and many don’t go the distance because of it. 

  1. You Don’t Keep Secrets 

Let’s get something clear: you don’t have to tell one another absolutely everything in a relationship. You can definitely keep certain things to yourselves. However, you shouldn’t go out of your way to keep secrets from your partner. If you’re keeping secrets from them, you must be worried that these secrets coming to light would change their opinion of you or your relationship in some way. If that’s the case, then should you really be together? If you suspect that your partner keeps secrets from you, you should address this before agreeing to marry them. Remember, your gut feeling is often right. 

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  1. You Respect One Another’s Boundaries 

Boundaries are so important. If you don’t feel that your boundaries are being respected, you need to communicate that. You also need to ensure that you’re respecting your partner’s boundaries. This is a sign of mutual respect. 

  1. They Want To Work On Themselves 

A partner who is willing to work on themselves will usually be able to accept constructive criticism, and they will want to ensure the relationship is the best it can be, too. Too often people find themselves in a relationship with somebody who has no desire to improve themselves in any way, nor the relationship. They hope and hope that things will get better, but they don’t. 

It’s not healthy to think of your partner as some kind of unfinished project, but everybody can usually find things to work on in themselves, whether this is trauma, abandonment issues, or something else. Steadily working to better yourself will result in a happier life and a happier relationship. If your partner has no desire to change, and you know they’re not in a great place, then it could be time to walk away. 

  1. You Can Do Things Like Travel Together Without Constant Fighting

There are some trying times that many couples will have to face together. Going on vacation, for example, can be a lot of fun - but it can also be stressful, as it requires a lot of planning. This is where most couples realize they are unsuitable: they just can’t seem to travel together without arguing non stop and ending the trip feeling resentful. Of course things like this can be fixed with healthy communication and consideration for one another, but it takes some serious self awareness from both parties to make it happen. 

  1. They Make You Feel Good About Yourself

While your partner should not be your sole source of happiness - they should make you feel good about yourself. A partner shouldn’t criticize you constantly, or make you feel like you need to change. Your partner should lift you up, praise you, and make you feel good in ways you enjoy. If your partner doesn’t like to do this but you know you need it in a relationship, you’re going to have a problem. 

  1. You Are Looking Forward To What Comes After A Wedding

Don't become disillusioned and dream of marriage purely for the wedding. A wedding is all well and good but what about the lifetime afterwards? You should look forward to the years and milestones that will come after the wedding. A wedding is just one day. You should be with this person for the rest of your life. If you’re not excited for what’s to come afterwards, then you might want to rethink your reasons for getting married in the first place. 

  1. They Value Your Insight

At the end of the day, as life partners, you should both want to know what the other thinks. This doesn't mean your partner should do absolutely everything you say, but it does mean that they should come to you and ask for your opinion when appropriate. If your partner doesn’t value your insight and intelligence, why are you together? Looks fade, so you need to make sure you two have something away from that. 

  1. You Have A Relationship Based On Friendship

There’s a fine line between a romantic partner and a friend, but ideally, your partner will be a mix of both. Being friends with your partner can be a lot of fun and help the relationship to stay harmonious. 

Have you found some clear signs that you should marry your partner? It could be time to have the talk with them! 

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